Are you in the market for the HOT TOYS Iron Patriot Collectible Bust? Then you have come to the right place. I will break down the good and the bad about this piece and let you know if you need to drop some cash on it!

Iron Man 3 introduces the new Iron Patriot armor, a technologically superior transformation of the War Machine armor.  The Limited Edition Iron Patriot collectible bust is specially produced based on likeness of the Iron Patriot character, presented in fine sculpture, highlighting the light-up functions and rotating shoulder weapon.

Small disclaimer before continuing, Sideshow Collectibles provided this copy for review purposes.  With that out of the way, let's continue on!


The Iron Patriot bust features a nice box with a "window" type clear plastic so that you can see the bust from outside the package.  It features the familar Iron Man 3 logo with black and white pattern in several spots that is very reminiscent of the top of the background of this very site.  The back of the box features the various Marvel and Hot Toys logos as well as the standard "not for small children" choking hazard warnings. Really nothing overly spectacular to see here.  Let's move on to the good stuff.


The Iron Patriot bust is a 1/4 scale replica of the Iron Patriot armor from Iron Man 3.  As usual with Hot Toys products, the precision sculpting is nothing short of amazing.  The piece looks like it could be the head and chest armor from the Iron Patriot armor.  In short it is simply fantastic.

The only problem I have with this one is the material used for the bust.  Typically when you think bust you think some sort of resin based piece either solid or hollow.  This is neither.  This is a plastic bust made out of the same material that any of the Iron Man 1/6 figures they produce is made out of. 

While I was initially disappointed with this material it is sort of growing on me.  It doesn't have the heft that a display piece would have, but since it is made from the same material as other Iron Man collectibles from Hot Toys, it sort of works (in my head).

The bust also features LED light-up eyes and chest piece.  The bottom of the bust has a small door (you have to use a screwdriver to access) to change out batteries for the LED to work.  It looks fantastic with the lights out!


Let me qualify this part before moving forward.  I usually rate paint jobs on figures (yes even Hot Toys figures) as being sub-par.  The ability to get a good paint job from a company that produces these toys in bulk is just few and far between.  It really requires expert individuals to completely paint something like this to get that perfect look that you just can't get from an assembly line of painters. 

With that out of the way, I can say that this piece is phenomenal.  Like I said in the sculpt section, this piece looks like it is a smaller version of the actual movie armor.  There isn't a spec of paint out of place or any paint bleed on the piece at all.  The paint job more than makes up for the material used in creating it.


One of my only gripes with the bust is the shoulder mounted gun.  It doesn't really "snap" into place.  There are slits on both sides of the bust's shoulders so that you can mount it on either side.  The mount has a thin piece of plastic that slides into this slot, but doesn't stay so easy.  If you move it around much it simply falls out.  Let's be honest though, this is a bust that will sit on a shelf, so it shouldn't be moving too much.

Hot Toys is known for creating quality pieces that truly represent movie stars and characters that they are modeled after. They have fully succeeded in creating an amazing piece with this one as well.  If you are looking for a higher-end movie Iron Patriot collectible that will not break the bank (it will run you $109.99), I cannot recommend this piece enough!

Order your Marvel Iron Patriot Marvel Collectible Bust here.  Check out a few shots of the Iron Patriot bust below!














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