San Diego Comic-Con 2012 provided collectors with many convention exclusives this year. Of those were DC Collectibles first 3 3/4" scale figures. Should you hunt them down? Find out after the jump!

DC Collectibles introduced a new line of 3 3/4" action figures at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. This is the companies first foray into this particular scale. The initial press release for the figures announced that they would only be available at select conventions and shows throughout the year. During San Diego Comic-Con, DC Collectibles revamped that statement and said that the Convention would be a test-bed for the line. If the line received a positive reaction during the four days of Comic-Con, then they would go forward with production of more Green Lantern related figures with the possibility of expanding the line to other DC Universe characters as well as selling them outside of conventions.

The overall consensus at SDCC was very positive according to representatives from DC Collectibles that were at the convention. There was no official confirmation of any figures produced after New York Comic-Con's Atrocitus/John Stewart 2-pack, but the thinking is that the first 2-pack (Kyle Rayner/Kilowog) did well enough and had enough fan support to warrant more of the figures to be produced. If the line does move forward expect to see the rest of the figures that were previewed at SDCC to go into production. The figures previewed in prototype form were Larfleeze, Tomar-Re, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Hannu, Saint Walker, Bleeze, and Soranik Natu.

Thanks to a well placed source at the convention, I was lucky enough to acquire the first release in the line, the Kyle Rayner & Kilowog 2-pack. From the first look at the two figures in the package I knew we were in for something special. Fans have been clamoring for a 3 3/4" scale DC action figure line since Hasbro started producing figures in that scale for Marvel. Now DC fans have their line.


The Kyle Rayner & Kilowog 2-pack comes in a nice cleanly designed package. The figures are in a standard form fitting plastic holder with a few twist ties around their stomachs and ankles. The design of the package uses some of the new DC logo peeling back to reveal the figures. It features the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 logo to let collectors know that this is exclusive to the convention. Each side of the package showcases the figures in all of their glory. One side shows up-close images of the torso up for Kyle and Kilowog while the other gives us a look at the full body shots of the figures. The back gives us a look at the next two figures in the line Red Lantern Atrocitus and Green Lantern John Stewart. All in all, nice packaging for the figures and I hope the design and format sticks around for a few years.


Figures produced in this scale often lose nice sculpted details due to the production process. These figures, really looked like they stepped right off of the page of a Green Lantern comic. Kyle's face looks like the Kyle Rayner we see each and every month in the pages of Green Lantern: The New Guardians. Kilowog's face looks very nice as well.

The size difference was handled very well between Kyle and Kilowog. Hopefully this line doesn't face some of the same issues DC Direct has had in the past with scale between figures. Kilowog looks correctly scaled against his fellow Green Lantern.


Paint applications on figures of this size that are mass produced have typically been a problem. Sometimes you will buy figures with "wonky" eyes, or paint overlap. While these two figures do suffer from a few issues, overall I think they are painted really well. My gripes are with the sides of Kilowog's ring (which are white, but I am really just being very picky here), as well as Kyle's emblem having a slight paint rub.

The color choices for the figures are amazing. The metallic green used for the figures really makes them pop. It gives the figures a real Green Lantern look. Sometimes Green Lantern figures are given a subdued green paint that doesn't really do anything for the figure. DC Collectibles chose a color that just seems right for a Green Lantern.


Mattel's recent foray into the 3 3/4" scale market for DC figures failed miserably. DC Infinite Heroes were created in this scale with oversized hands and only 5 points of articulation. DC Collectibles hopefully saw this and realized how not to create a figure in this scale. Each figure features features 21 points of articulation. This gives you the ability to pose these guys in almost infinite possibilities. In my opinion, the articulation surpasses that of Hasbro's 3 3/4" line of Marvel figures.

The only thing you have to worry about is the fact that these are DC Collectibles figures. They generally have not had a great track record (from Internet fans) with figures holding up after moving the extremities over and over again. I gave the figures a little work out and they have held up pretty well. The only loose part was Kilowog's torso, which was loose out of the box.


This 2-pack is very light on the accessories. Kyle Rayner does come with a green light generated gun that slide right over his right forearm. The lack of accessories does not bother me like it may for some. I would much rather all of the money go towards giving us quality figures rather than accessory packed figures.


This is the first line of figures I have been super excited about since Mattel debuted their DC Universe Classics line. Collection space is finite and figures of this scale display much easier. DC Collectibles has knocked the ball out of the park with their first entry into this scale line. The $25.00 price tag is great even for figures of this scale. You get quality painted, sculpted, and articulated figures that will look great on any display shelf.

Since these were San Diego Comic-Con exclusives you will have to find this 2-pack on the aftermarket now. Expect to pay $35.00 to $50.00 plus shipping on eBay. Honestly these are well worth your money. If you have the opportunity, do not let these figures pass you by!

John Wilbanks
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