Spoilers Galore In IRON MAN 3 Lego Sets

Spoilers Galore In IRON MAN 3 Lego Sets

<font color= red>Spoilers</font> Galore In IRON MAN 3 Lego Sets

Extremis Soldiers, Pepper in Iron Man gear, the final showdown between Stark and The Mandarin! Although we can't be sure everything will be reflected in the movie, it's safe to say these LEGO sets give quite a bit away! Check em out if you don't mind being spoiled..

So like I said, we don't know exactly how much from the sets below we can expect to see actually transpire in the film, but these Marvel LEGO sets do tend to translate pretty well to the screen. Remember The Avengers ones? With that in mind let's see what we have here. First it seems we can look forward (or not?) to a final showdown between Iron Man and The Mandarin involving the latter in some type of...beach buggy. Then we have a water-based altercation between Stark, Rhodey and Aldrich Killian - but check out the Killian minifig, he does not look human! can we assume this character (played by Guy Pearce) is transformed by the Extremis virus somehow? Then finally in the last pic, we have what appears to be Pepper Potts wearing the Mk 42 Iron Man suit while attempting to save Stark from The Mandarin and an "Extremis Soldier".

We'll have to wait and see if all of this is reflected in the movie of course, but for now I'd say at least some of it is a safe bet. What do you make of it?

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