Super March Madness Final and Recap!

Super March Madness Final and Recap!

WIN A $50 GIFT CARD: The Super March Madness final has Batman vs. Spiderman for the Intergalactic Basketball Championship. They each need your votes to pull off the win. But because they made the championship all of their stuff at is on sale!


While the NCAA is heating up, the Super March Madness tournament is all but over. The Super Sweet Sixteen tournament had two eight man brackets leading to the Intergalactic Champion. One side of the eight man brackets was labeled DC and the other bracket was titled Marvel, with each one having a wildcard entry!

The second round of action on the DC side of the bracket had Batman slowing up the Flash and the Green Lantern being forced pushed out by Darth Vader. That set up a double overtime match between Batman and Vader with Vader choking at the end giving Batman the win to advance to the final.

On the Marvel side, Deadpool ate too many chimichangas and was jumped over by Spiderman. The Wolverine was an adamantium wall blocking every shot the Hulk took. Spiderman ended up being too amazing for the Wolverine in the semifinal and took the other spot in the final.

With Batman beating out all the contenders on the D.C. bracket’s side and Spiderman easily webbing his way past most on Marvel’s bracket, the champion  in this basketball matchupstill needs to be determined through your votes. However, no matter who claims the title you ultimately win because everything on related to these finalists will be discounted 20% until March 26th! Additionally, there is still a $50 gift card to be given away and to be entered all you have to do is vote for who you think will win the tournament! Vote here superhero-sweet-16-bracket.

Good luck to both Batman and Spiderman!

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