SUPERHEROSTUFF Product Spotlight: Prepare For THE DEFENDERS With These Must-Have Superhero Mystery Boxes

SUPERHEROSTUFF Product Spotlight: Prepare For THE DEFENDERS With These Must-Have Superhero Mystery Boxes's latest HeroBox mystery box revolves around "The Punisher vs. The Defenders" and is a great way to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Netflix series. Hit the jump to get yours...

Like you guys, I'm a massive fan of all things comic book, fantasy, and sci-fi (why else do you think I do this for a living?). When it comes to stocking up on awesome gear related to everything from Wonder Woman to Star Wars, I always go to, and this month, the CBM team will once again be highlighting some cool items we've got our hands on from their awesome range of products.

There's less than a week to go until The Defenders hits Netflix and our friends at are celebrating the show's launch with an amazing HeroBox featuring the theme "The Punisher vs. The Defenders." Packed full of exclusive content and must-have merchandise worth much, much more than what you pay for the box, it can be ordered in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Check out the details below and then head on over to the site to order yours!

HeroBox Defenders Vs. Punisher

HeroBox Defenders Vs. Punisher Mystery BoxThe box is limited to 250 and features $90+ worth of gear for just $59. With the Defenders TV series hitting Netflix in August, it seems appropriate our newest mystery box pays homage to Defenders both current and classic, and a certain skull-adorned, kill-happy vigilante. The box is overflowing with mystery items celebrating the Defenders' comic book legacy and forthcoming TV iteration, as well as their violent turf war with The Punisher!
Every Box Includes...
  • An EXCLUSIVE Defenders t-shirt
  • Jessica Jones approved drinkware
  • Useful, collectible accessories like keychains, wallets, buttons, and magnets
  • Fashionable, street-level apparel like socks and hats

BUY NOW - $59.99
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