The Best Caped Heroes and Why

The Best Caped Heroes and Why

Why do some superheroes wear capes? Why do some not wear capes? While being able to simulate flight may have lead some early artists to create characters with capes, since then the use of capes has become a device to represent a greater purpose. The wearing of cape gives depth and function to some of the greatest heroes.

The most famous of cape wearing heroes has got to be Batman! Who would Batman be without his cape? Batman uses his cape more than anyone. His uniform would not be complete without the cape because it is a key part of his bat like looking persona and with it he glides stealthily through Gotham protecting its citizens.

The second most famous hero that uses a cape is the Superman! While Superman doesn't need a cape to fly, the sight of Superman rocketing through the sky just wouldn't be complete. His flapping cape has come to be part of the symbol of hope throughout the galaxy.

Dr. Strange the master of magic has the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Although he does not need the cape to use his abilities it has become a representation of his power as Sorcerer Supreme.

Thor, the god of thunder, wears his cape as a sign of royalty and power and no one would argue with him about it either less they face his hammer, Mjolnir.

Victor Von Doom like Thor wears his cape as a symbol of power causing his presence to be even more formidable than just his vast knowledge of science and mysticism and evil.

Following in the symbol of power and leadership is the Black Panther. The king of Wakanda wears his cape as a member of royalty but it also works as a cloak helping him being stealthy while on covert missions.

The first mutant on this list is the master of weather, Storm. Storm has the ability to fly apart from her control over weather, but her cape is helpful in controlling that flight. Her cape adds to her nobility as she is also a queen and was once married to the Black Panther.

Magneto is known from three things. His far reaching control over magnetism, his helmet, and his cape are what everyone recognizes about him from the comics. Without his billowing purple/red cape he would be less familiar even though not any less powerful.

Following in the flowing cape department is Magneto’s daughter the ever impressive Scarlet Witch. With an identity based on having red in your name it is hard to envision her any other way than hovering with the scarlet cape flapping while wrapped around her.

The last super hero whose cape stands out and had made him easily recognizable is the Vision. For a time he was also married to the Scarlet Witch and while both utilized a remarkable cape, the Visions cape was a bold yellow instead of her red cape. Additionally while flying the Vision’s cape wraps around himself and creates a cone shape going down from his neck which adds to his memorable visage.

In summary, capes have given many heroes an image to match the power they control within themselves. Their capes can help as a cloak and sometimes even help them fly. Thankfully you too can wear a cape or have an item equipped with one. Superherostuff has everything you can think of with a cape. We have costume shirts, baby outfits, bibs, drinking glasses, phone covers, socks, underwear, hats, pajamas and even backpacks all with capes! So if you are looking for something awesome with a cape, check out our selection at We are constantly getting new cool stuff with capes and if you thinking of something cool you want a cape on let us know cause we might already have it on order! As always, if you want the latest deals, specials, and insider scoop on SuperHeroStuff make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, don't forget that when you subscribe to our NEWSLETTER you will be one of the first to know about our weekly promotions and discounts.

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