This DC COMICS BATMAN IKEMEN STATUE Is Kotobukiya's Latest Bat-Family Addition

This DC COMICS BATMAN IKEMEN STATUE Is Kotobukiya's Latest Bat-Family Addition

This DC COMICS BATMAN IKEMEN STATUE Is Kotobukiya's Latest Bat-Family Addition

Kotobukiya is releasing a new, highly-detailed Batman Ikemen style statue this Summer to add to their previous Bat-family Ikemen statues that include Robin, Red Robin, Jason Todd's Red Hood and Nightwing.

If some of the more recently featured statues from Tweeterhead and Iron Studios are out of your budget, then this upcoming Batman statue from Kotobukiya might be more to your (wallet's) liking.

Previously, Kotobukiya has released statues for Robin (Damien Wayne), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Red Hood (Jason Todd), and Nightwing (Dick Grayson). Now, a Batman statue in the Ikemen style will be released in Japan this June and arrive in North America comic book and hobby retail shops sometime in August. 

Retailing for $99 USD, the 1/7 scale statue is meant to complete a set of the Dark Knight and the Robins of past and present. Check out the final page for a shot of all the Ikemen statues together by clicking the Next button below.

Unlike some of his younger sidekicks, Batman is a grown man with a highly developed physique that’s on full display in this Ikemen style presentation. Strong and muscular, Bruce stands stoically with his arms crossed, ready to give guidance and discipline to all four generations of Robins as they protect Gotham City.

The Dark Knight wears his iconic dark gray bat-suit with black boots, gloves, bat symbol, and cape, while accessorizing with a brilliant gold utility belt. The level of detail on the different clothing elements is truly impressive, just as it is on every curve and swell of Batman’s musculature.  The Gotham hero even comes with multiple interchangeable heads, allowing you to display Bruce wearing his iconic cowl or looking tough without it and showing off his handsome features.

Additionally, the first edition of this Batman statue will come with a bonus, rare smiling portrait for even more display options! Sculpted by Naoya Muto, the handsome Batman stands an imposing 11 inches tall (1/7 scale). With the unique Ikemen style and Kotobukiya’s famous level of craftsmanship this Batman statue is the complete package, and he’ll look amazing whether protecting Gotham City by himself or standing alongside the other DC Comics Ikemen series statues!












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