TOYS: Gentle Giant's DEADPOOL CORPS Boxed Set

TOYS: Gentle Giant's DEADPOOL CORPS Boxed Set

Gentle Giant is set to release a set of collectibles that are truly unique and will probably not be seen again - The Deadpool Corps! Deadpool's loveable little pals.

If you are a Deadpool fan then you cannot miss this set of Deadpool Corps mini-busts that will not only look good on your shelves, but have you laughing your butt off as well!

The edition size of this set is still to be determined, but you can probably figure on it being a low run because of the limited fanbase of these characters.

You can pre-order these at Gentle Giant's website.

Pulled from his home reality of Earth-616 by The Contemplator, Wade Wilson was introduced to four versions of himself from alternate universes, including a dog, a child, a zombified head and a woman. Together, these five incarnations of Deadpool formed the Deadpool Corps, and they adventured together aboard their space ship, The Bea Arthur to take on a threat to the Marvel Multiverse only known as The Awareness. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.

Cold cast in all of their epic glory in high quality polystone, the Deadpool Corps Boxed Set from Gentle Giant Ltd. features four incarnations of Deadpool – the laser-sword wielding Kidpool, Dogpool (literally armed to the teeth) and the zombified flying Headpool. As a bonus, we are proud to include a variant mini bust of the Corps’ honorary member, Squirrelpool! Also included is a weapon accessory pack for your Deadpool Mini Bust. Now you can load him up with enough munitions to take over a small country! Each set is individually hand-painted and numbered, and includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

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