Womens Costume T-Shirts WITH CAPES!

Womens Costume T-Shirts WITH CAPES!

It's October and that means Halloween will be here before you know it. We have a great selection of costume t-shirts in-stock and today, we are showing you some of the womens shirts that we have. Check out the full update below...

Nothing says sexy like a cute girl in a superhero shirt… unless it’s a cute girl in a superhero costume shirt with a cape! And we got just the ones for all of your girlfriends to wear. And if they don’t have the tight muscular build that all super heroines do, don’t worry. These come with the shape and super cleavage!

The Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl costume shirts are absolutely gorgeous. The symbols ride high on the chest to remind the guys that her "eyes are up here," and while Batgirl has the standard Bat Utility Belt and Wonder Woman has the magical girdle and star spangled undies Supergirl has the adorable red skirt with golden belt to complete the picture. All three are already selling well in preparation for Halloween.

For the girls who are a little less daring and scared to get noticed, especially with those power boobs screen printed on the shirts, (to be honest, guys can’t tell the difference, we’re so single mindedly focused that even the screen printed ones make us turn our heads and stare) and with the capes flapping in the wind, we have the lower toned Superhero costume shirts. Again, we have Batgirl with her cute little utility belt, Supergirl with her cute little belt, minus the skirt, and we even have two versions of Wonder Woman to pick from.

And, for the girl who wants to share her Superpowers only with her two favorite boyfriends, in private, away from prying eyes and the cops, we have the Super heroine top and bottom undie sets. Wonder Woman and the two Supergirl versions come with adjustable spaghetti straps while the Batgirl comes with a ribbed tie dye tank top and black nighty-shorts with little Bat symbols all over. These are absolutely to die for and will definitely score points for any guy out there who gets them for his girl… or girls.

Still don't see something you like? Check out our full selection of Superhero Costume Tshirts
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