Sub-Mariner Film to Debut in 2007

Sub-Mariner Film to Debut in 2007

Look for Namor to swim across the silver screen in three years.

The Sub-Mariner movie, directed by Chris Columbus, will hit theaters in 2007, according to Marvel exec Peter Cuneo.

Cuneo told the recent 32nd Annual Media Week Conference in New York, "We have so many characters still to be developed, still to be launched."

The movie pipeline includes: X3, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Punisher 2 and Deathlok in 2006, Spider-Man 3, Sub-Mariner, Hulk 2 and Wolverine in 2007.

"If that holds, we┬╣ll literally have the problem that the year will be too big for us," Cuneo said.

Studios can take on Marvel's characters as long as they agree to this proviso: "They must make sequels within a certain time frame or they will lose the franchise," he said.

A Lion's Gate exec, meanwhile, said The Punisher was very profitable for the studio and its family division will include two straight-to-DVD Avengers films. "There's a whole lot of business there that's not in The Incredibles or Shark Tales," he said

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