Corrections From Mark Millar On Nemesis

Corrections From Mark Millar On Nemesis

Mark Millar corrects some facts that were reported wrongly in the interview with MTV, gives the official budget, and talks about the suit.

As a reply to his comment earlier Mark Millar contacted MTV with the official budget

“They reckon the budget on this thing will probably be around $150 million mark. It’s a very expensive film, it’s got a lot of big set pieces. So the nice thing is, it means we can hopefully afford who we want to work with.”

He also talked about who he wants cast in the movie:

“In my head I saw Johnny Depp versus Brad Pitt, and he said, 'Well, that sounds good,’ and he has some of his own ideas as well. He’s just going to go around and get a script together and then take it out and see what he can find.”

After bringing up Wanted straying away from the source, Millar replied with this:

“I think it should be pretty much identical. I mean, Tony and I talked at length about it. One of the [potential] directors said, 'I’d like the guy not to be in a white superhero costume,' and I thought, 'Well, that’s the whole point of it,' so we ended up not agreeing to do that. I think [Scott] is going to stay as faithful as he can. It’s a big studio picture, [so] we won’t have the same kind of control we had with ‘Kick-Ass,’ which was a much more intimate affair, but I feel very confident in Tony’s hands.”

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