RUMOR: Michael Fassbender To Play NEMESIS Alongside Liam Neeson As Blake Morrow?

RUMOR: Michael Fassbender To Play NEMESIS Alongside Liam Neeson As Blake Morrow?

A new rumor indicates that Fox are now actively pursuing Liam Neeson as Blake Morrow and are in talks with X-Men: First Class star Michael Fassbender for Nemesis. A possible start date for production has also been mentioned. Hit the jump for details.

Cosmic Book News claim to have received some reliable info in regards to the long talked about adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis. Here is an excerpt of what they were told. As with any rumour, it is of course best if you take the following with a pinchful of salt for the time being.

Thanks to Joe Carnahan building interest in the movie, the studio are once again ramping up production especially after the enthusiastic fan response. 

They ARE considering Liam Neeson and are now in early talks with Michael Fassbender for Nemesis.
However, X-Men: First Class 2 and Neeson's ongoing knee problems may mean it won't go into production until late 2013.

They add that the studio is "very" keen on casting the Golden Globe nominated actor (Shame) and there has indeed been a renewed interest in the movie since The Grey director Joe Carnahan expressed his interest in the project (and casting Liam Neeson as Blake Morrow) while promoting that film. Whether these dates are in fact reliable, thereby giving us an indication of when we'll see X-Men: First Class 2, remains to be seen.

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