EDITORIAL: Why All the Hate on Sam Jackson as Nick Fury?

EDITORIAL: Why All the Hate on Sam Jackson as Nick Fury?

English MotherF^(%#% do you speak it!?

It has come to my attention plenty of people here, and probably world wide, bitch and complain "Why isn't Nick Fury White!? I want Nick Fury White?!" And it is so goddamn annoying! Yes i know we're all acustomed to this:

I get it. You know Fury as being white, even since his 1963 Debut in The Howling Commandos. And i understand a lot might not like Ultimate Nick Fury, but that's no reason to constantly give shit to an Actor who is great, and who has won an Academy Awards.

I wonder have any of you seen this Cover:

Now this is Nick Fury's first official Appearance as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. you know what the shocker about Issue 165 of Strange Tales of 1965? Nick Fury's skin looks like that of an African American!!! Now some of you might be blind and claim to see a tanned white fellow, but thats just you wanting to ignore the truth that at some point in the 616 continuity Nick Fury, even if it's only for 1 issue or 1 cover, Was Black.

In all honesty I love SLJ he's one of my favorite actors, just for his dedication to the role, and i Love him playing Ultimate Nick Fury on the big screen. What's wrong with that?

We have an Avenger's continuity and with good actors, I'm in favor of keeping that and if you're not then don't watch it no one's forcing you, but at least think the next time you find a complaint. We all like our own actors and you know. Just as Many people SLJ is better for that role are better than him.

If i have to choose between:

I'm choosing the one who: A.) Didn't star in Knight Rider. and B.) Hasn't failed in Comic Book Adaptation featuring the Character.

That's all folks.
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