NIGHTWING Director Confirms Haly's Circus For The Film - Will We See THAT Scene?

NIGHTWING Director Confirms Haly's Circus For The Film - Will We See THAT Scene?

The infamous venue where the final flight of The Flying Graysons took place will play a role in Chris McKay's Nightwing movie. Will there be a flashback to that defining moment in Dick's life?

Pirates of the Caribbean's Brenton Thwaites was recently cast as Dick Grayson for DC Entertainment's live-action Titans web series but there will be a different actor playing the character in the DCEU.  How will the latter's cinematic outing differ from the version Thwaites is portraying online?

There will likely be some overlap but at the very least, it sounds like the film Chris McKay (The Lego Movie) is crafting won't be straying very far from the source material as the director confirmed that Haly's Circus will be featured in some capacity.

During Dick Grayson's formative years, Haly's Circus was a loving home and his life there as a member of the world famous Flying Grayson acrobatic family was all he ever wanted.  But that all came to a halt when their act was sabotaged and all of Dick's family plunged to their death mid-performance.  

In some depictions of this moment, a young Bruce Wayne was in attendance during this tragedy.  If such a cameo occurs, will it be Ben Affleck who portrays Bruce or whomever Matt Reeves casts should rumors prove true that his Batman film is set outside of the DCEU?  Stay tune for further details as we await clarification from WB.
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