NIGHTWING Director Talks Warner Bros.' Filmmaker Driven Approach And Struggles To Build The DCEU

NIGHTWING Director Talks Warner Bros.' Filmmaker Driven Approach And Struggles To Build The DCEU

Nightwing director Chris McKay talks here about the differences between Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. when it comes to their shared universes and praises the latter's filmmaker driven approach...

It's not been all smooth sailing for the DC Extended Universe. Things are looking up for Warner Bros. after Wonder Woman but they have a long way to go until rivalling the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Asked about the competition between the two, Nightwing director Chris McKay said that "these movies are not trying to follow the Marvel model, they’re trying to do their own thing with filmmakers that they like, and produce things that are wholly original and wholly unique." However, he did acknowledge that the studio is finding it challenging to create a shared world for their heroes.

"They still want to build a universe, and that’s why it takes a lot of time and a lot of people banging their heads together trying to figure out what to do. Because it’s hard. It’s hard to get all these people, and all these egos, and all this stuff in one place and get it all to work out. But they are committed to that, and that’s what’s amazing about working with Jon [Berg] and Geoff [Johns]. They’re real partners, and so is everyone at the Warner Bros. family."

Despite that, McKay had nothing but good things to say about Warner Bros.' filmmaker driven approach to their movies, something which hasn't always worked for them in the past but paid off with Wonder Woman. It sounds like that's a big part of why the director is excited to helm Nightwing
"Warner Bros. is a more director-driven studio. Period. The end. More than any other studio you’re ever going to work at. Just look at the roster of world class filmmakers that have worked at Warner Bros and made it their home. Warner Bros is a director-driven studio, and that’s exactly how they are operating these movies." What do you guys think of these remarks? Let us know in the usual place.
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