No Ordinary Family "No Ordinary Detention" Description and Photos!

<i>No Ordinary Family</I> "No Ordinary Detention" Description and Photos!

ABC Network has released new promo pics from their superhero family show, No Ordinary Family and Warehouse 13's Joanne Kelly guest stars...

ABC'S synopsis of the episode "No Ordinary Detention":

"While Internal Affairs officer Rachel Jacobs (Joanne Kelly) investigates reports of a rogue cop, Jim risks revealing himself as the prime suspect when the police station is overrun by a group of thugs, and he is the only hope of survival.

"Meanwhile, while trying to nurse an ailing Joshua back to health at the lab, Katie and Stephanie run into Human Resources VP Victoria Morrow (Rebecca Mader) and begin to suspect that she isn't who she says she is.

LEEE777 - Joanne Kelly's great in Warehouse 13, so really looking forward to this one. Make a date with ABC on Tuesday January 18th on their channel.
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