Colin Firth Confirms That He's Been Approached To Star In Oldboy

Colin Firth Confirms That He's Been Approached To Star In <I>Oldboy</i>

The King's Speech actor has confirmed recent reports that he's been approached to take the villain role in Spike Lee's upcoming Oldboy remake, but at the same time says that nothing's been confirmed yet...

Speaking with Movie Fone, Colin Firth - best known for his Oscar-winning The King's Speech - confirmed recent reports/rumors that he's been 'approached' about Spike Lee's upcoming remake of the 2003 Korean film/manga series Oldboy, where he could play the villain (Christian Bale was also up for the role, but it looks like he has since passed on the project). However, Firth also says that his being in the film has yet to be confirmed, and that he's just 'heard about it'. It sounds like he's only been offered the role and negotiations have yet to begin.

There is a report that you've been approached to star in Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' remake. Is this true?
They are making a film. And, yeah, I have been approached about it.

Is it confirmed?

So you're talking?
I've just... heard about it. [Smiles] You know.

Moviefone will have their full interview with Firth up soon, so stay tuned for that.
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