2012 Could be Breakthrough Year for Comic Book Television Shows

A staggering number of pilots based on comic books are being prepared for television.

In recent years there have been a few comic books adapted for television. Smallville, Human Target, and of course Walking Dead come to mind. But behind the scenes many other TV shows are being worked on now, with the hope that they will get their own series. More comic book shows than ever are being prepared, so 2012 could end up being the biggest year yet for comic book adaptations on television.

Here is a list of shows now being prepared. We have heard of these shows, but when you see them all listed together, then you see what a breakthrough 2012 could be for comic book adaptations. And this may not even end up being a full list by the time the year is over.

The shows are:

Hulk - Well known film director Guillermo del Toro is behind this television adaptation of Hulk’s story for ABC.

Powers - Powers already has a pilot filmed for FX. The pilot is getting some reshoots, and then a decision will be made on if it goes to series.

Chew - Chew is being worked on by the same production company that makes Walking Dead. It would be a half hour comedy on Showtime. Not to be confused with the cooking show The Chew. Really not to be confused with it…

Deadman - The CW is looking for a super-hero show that can replace Smallville, and Deadman is hoping to be it. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, who really knows how to make a show in the land of spooky, will be the executive producer.

Punisher - The FOX network are preparing a pilot from Criminal Minds producer Ed Bernero in which Frank Castle is a police detective by day, and Punisher by night. Yes, really.

Spectre - FOX are working on a show based on DC’s Spectre character, which was co-created by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.

AKA Jessica Jones - This show about Marvel’s retired super-hero and now private eye, Jessica Jones, will be written and produced by Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is hoping to use in it any character from the Marvel Universe that the shows needs, if the rights are not already in use elsewhere. Expect Luke Cage and Carol Danvers to show up, and maybe even Scott Lang. For ABC.

Cloak & Dagger - The teenaged duo learn about their powers and each other in post-Katrina New Orleans. For ABC Family.

Mockingbird - Bobbie Morse is a Peter Parker like nerd and works as a spy for a secret organization. For ABC Family.
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