5 Great Directors and the Comic Adaptations They Should Helm

5 Great Directors and the Comic Adaptations They Should Helm

Comic-books have a bright future in film, but which directors should help in kick-starting these characters careers?


This is by far my favourite selection.

This guy (Brad Bird, of course) is one of my all-time favourite directors, making three of my all-time favourite films: Ratatouille, The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. But of course, it's also worth noting that he helped re-ignite the Mission: Impossible franchise with the latest film in the series, Ghost Protocol (which was great), and it was also his first feature-length, live-action outing as a director. With a great track record like that, I can only hope that DC finds him before Marvel does. The Flash (mainly Barry Allen) is one of my favourite comic-book characters and of all the films I'd imagine Brad Bird helming in the comic-book universe, this just has his name written all over it. If the front-page on this site ever reads "BRAD BIRD DIRECTING THE FLASH FOR WARNER BROS.", that would make my year because that would be awesome news (and a sign that DC is finally taking their characters more seriously).

However, Brad Bird's track record leans more towards Disney than it does Warner Bros (and we all know who owns part of the film rights to Marvel). The Iron Giant flopped due to poor marketing on the part of WB, whereas Ratatouille and The Incredibles are two of Pixar and Disney's highest grossing films. If this was a perfect world, Marvel Studios and Disney would own full rights to Spidey and there would be a six film franchise with Brad Bird at the helm of it all (it would be the Harry Potter saga... but for Spidey fans). He's perfect when it comes to directing smart and witty dialogue, which would make him a perfect choice for directing Peter Parker's on-screen adventures. But, in the real-world, maybe Black Panther should be a consideration... possibly a Hawkeye movie, at least with that character in a supporting role since Bird has experience working with Jeremy Renner.


Possibly a controversial pick, because he doesn't have too many films under his belt, but I think that this director would be great at making an action film with a superhero in the lead. Deadpool would be a great pick-up for him. Plus, if he's still on-board, the man's got a solid lead actor in Ryan Reynolds to help lead the charge. Where he was misdirected in Green Lantern, here's a chance for him to really shine in a really funny, kick-ass movie. The style and wit of Zombieland is enough to sell me on this director being a good fit for a crazy character like Deadpool.


An interesting choice because he's just beginning to make a name for himself but, after a film as awesome and intelligent as Source Code, I think that he'd do just fine with The Caped Crusader next on-screen adventure(s). He has a very strong, respectable background in the science-fiction genre, with both Moon and Source Code, but the way he handles the sci-fi elements of the films he has made is so naturalistic and smooth-flowing that it makes you forget that you're watching a sci-fi genre flick every now-and-then. That ability alone, to make coherent and interesting stories based out of wild and crazy science-fiction ideas, would make him an excellent choice for Batman. As a director, he has the goods to know how to make a truly great film and his interpretation of Batman would be nothing short of greatness. Guaranteed.


Drive was one of my favourite films to come out last year. A film where the villains do horrible things that have a lasting effect on the main character, The Driver (played by Ryan Gosling), throughout the course of the film. It's gritty filmmaking at it's finest. Who better to have directing a Daredevil movie then a guy who knows how to make Albert Brooks look like the most intimidating man in the world? Another thing to consider, maybe Ryan Gosling as Matt Murdock. If this actually happened, and it was R-rated, this could have the potential to be the best comic-book adaptation ever. Make it so.


As great as it would be to have Brad Bird direct a Black Panther movie, Gavin O'Connor would be my ultimate pick if it came right down to it. Having directed two great sports films previously, Miracle and (my favourite sports film of all-time) Warrior, this guy knows how to make you care about a character. With a character as obscure as Black Panther, I have yet to meet a single person who knows who this character is, let's get a director who really knows how to make you cheer for a great character and push some outstanding action scenes as well. With Warrior especially, he proved to have a strong grasp on how to make highly impactful action sequences that would make anyone sit on the edge of their seats in seconds. Hopefully, if he does directs a comic-book film in his future, he can bring that same level of excitement and energy to a superhero like Black Panther (he wouldn't be a bad choice for Batman or the Fantastic Four reboot as well).
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