5 Step Guide To Becoming An Ultimate Power Ranger Fan

5 Step Guide To Becoming An Ultimate Power Ranger Fan

It's been 20 years and your still not a Power Ranger fan? Have no worries, here is your 5 step guide to becoming the ultimate power ranger fan you've always wanted to be!

5 Step Guide To Becoming An Ultimate Power Ranger Fan

In 2013, Power Rangers will reach its 20th season ever, making all of us Mighty Morphin fans feel prehistoric. Power Rangers has had a profound cultural impact from its start in 1993, and has gave kids a set of model heroes to look up to, and learn from. Power Rangers success has really came from seasons upon seasons of cool morphing sequences, awesome ranger suits, devious and sometimes hilarious villains, and an upbeat, vivacious tone. The latest seasons of power rangers have been too great, but for those people who have season the first several seasons, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Growing up, power rangers has always had a special place in my heart. When I’m watching power rangers, I feel like a kid again, and it’s a feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world. As there are some people on comicbookmovie.com that know exactly what I’m talking about, and there are some that don’t. This article is for those people that haven’t really seen power rangers, or have never gained a interest in this show. If you read and abide by the following guide line, I believe you’ll become the Power Rangers fan you’ve always desired, and this may just help CBM grow to welcome Power Rangers more than ever before.

How To Watch Power Rangers:
1. Subscribe to Netflix instant play, and watch every Power Ranger season ever created ($$$)
2. iTunes rent the movies and shows ($$$)
3. YouTube episodes
4. Project-Free-TV, free videos
5. TV-Links, free videos

Step 1: Watch Power Rangers Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

You will never be able to enjoy, or even simply watch any Power Rangers season if you’ve never watched the show that started it all. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired in 1993, and quickly made its way into the hearts of every child who tuned into watch. It all started with 5 teenagers with attitude: Jason (Red Ranger), Billy (Blue Ranger), Zack (Black Ranger), Trini (Yellow Ranger), and Kimberly (Pink Ranger). Each of these rangers had a particular quality that appealed to any fan, helping to widen its appeal. These rangers looked awesome, had great times, and kicked ass. The opening credits, with the “Go Go Power Rangers” song, was just another great aspect of the show, and will make any fan sing that theme song over, and over again. The first 16 episodes were classic, fun episodes that included hard fights against Rita Repulsa and her monsters, some cool megazord fights, and some hilarious moments with pranksters Bulk and Skull. But the moment where you guys will really fall in love will be in episodes 17 through 21, which is the Power Rangers mini saga “Green With Evil.” In this mini saga, you will meet the totally evil, yet incredibly awesome Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. Tommy Oliver will later become the favorite and most popular Power Ranger of all time. This mini saga is just great from start to end, and you’ll see just how strong the Green Ranger is. Also a must-see episode is episode 26 “Gung Ho!” In this episode you’ll see Jason don Tommy’s famous Dragon Zord shield, and Tommy use Jason’s red ranger power sword. Season 1 is classic, and I highly suggest to check out the first couple of episodes, and definitely the green ranger mini saga.

Saban made its smartest move to keep Power Rangers up and running by bringing in the ultimate villain in Season 2, Lord Zedd. Rita Repulsa was a good villain, that also brought the fans some laughs. But Lord Zedd takes the category of Power Ranger villain to a whole new level. In fact, Lord Zedd was so scary and evil that parents sent complaints to Saban. Saban went on to make him less darker, funnier, and even emotionally drawn to Rita Repulsa through her love potion, where the two eventually even get married. I suggest to watch the beginning episodes of season 2, and even watch the quick return of the green ranger. The problem in season 2 comes when the red, black, and yellow ranger leave, handing over there powers to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Although there is nothing entirely wrong with these characters, they just aren’t the same as the original rangers. And yes, I am aware you do not have the time to watch every episode. The only time you will really want to watch season 2 after the first couple episodes will come at episode 17 and 18 called “white light.” Here, the fan favorite Tommy will come back and reclaim the leader role as the white ranger. The white ranger is also amazing. He’s not green ranger level, because again, how are you supposed to beat the first special ranger ever? But still, the white ranger solidifies Tommy’s role as a leader, and he will remain with that role for almost three more years!

Season 3, there are some good episodes, but it gets really cheesy and kind of stupid. So my suggestion is too watch some episodes, but don’t watch too many because it’s just a waste of time. In season 3, we even lose Kimberly, the original pink ranger! It’s not Power Rangers greatest season, and cannot really match the greatness of the first. The only episode I highly suggest to see is the christmas special, which is especially suiting for anyone planning on watching this holiday season. The christmas special goes into the future, and the past, and you even find out where Tommy winds up when he’s way older. In this first process of becoming a power rangers fan, the first two seasons are great, and everything that I recommended I highly suggest to take a look out. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers swept the nation and took over televisions every saturday, making kids dream of becoming a Power Ranger. These Mighty Morphin seasons have been the real cause that has kept Power Rangers alive for 20 years.

Step 2: Watch Power Rangers Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie

If your up to here, you’ve either completed step 1, already have seen enough of the original Power Rangers, or just am reading. All three of those answers are perfectly okay because this movie doesn’t really require a lot of general knowledge about Power Rangers, due to the fact that the story doesn’t intertwine with the TV series. Power Rangers: The Movie was made in 1995, and so unfortunately, the original red, black and yellow rangers are not here. But, you still have Tommy as the White Ranger, and the scary, ultra-new villain Ivan Ooze. Ivan Ooze is the closest villain in power rangers history to Freddy Kreuger. He was serious, evil, and scary. It’s a shame Saban never brought a villain like this to the show. Anyways, Ooze was locked away 6,000 years ago by the Rangers mentor, Zordon. But, after an accident by a construction worker, Ooze was freed, and immediately returned to his conquest of taking over the world. In this movie, you see a revamped Power Rangers costume that looks SO freakin’ cool on the big screen. A glossy, more defined Ranger outfit makes the movie that much different from the show. Throughout the movie, there are some cheesy and comical moments, but there’s also some intense action sequences as the rangers go on a quest to gain new powers, save Zordon, and the Earth. New zords, new outfits, new villains... everything is new except for the Power Rangers we have come to love. This movie is pure fun, and for anybody looking to watch some more power rangers, have a good time, and just enjoy a fun paced, epic scaled movie, MIghty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie is for you!

Step 3: Finish The Zordon Era

As I said before, Zordon was the Power Rangers mentor who originally formed the Rangers, and kept them together. The best seasons of Power Rangers came when Zordon was active, which are seasons 1-7, a.k.a. Mighty Morphin’-Lost Galaxy. To watch all 6 of these seasons would take days, but if you follow my advice, you can effectively catch up on all of the history and beauty of Power Rangers in 1/3 the time. Let’s start first with the Mighty Morphin’ follow up season, Power Rangers Zeo. Out of this season, there’s really three to four episodes that are good. The first two are good, and what you’ll most like is the Power Ranger’s actual powers. Each ranger has a certain special move, and they kick ass. I don’t know why they chose to do this, but they started to forget about these moves as the season goes on. Zeo’s a little cheesy, but still highlights Tommy as a red ranger, the full leadership role he deserves. After the first two episodes, watch episodes 27, 39, and the last episodes. In these episodes you’ll see Jason take on the special ranger slot as the completely awesome Gold Ranger, and you’ll also see the Zeo rangers take on the Machine Empire, the villains of the season, head on. The end is pretty cool, and in my opinion, this season ranks as one of the most underrated seasons of Power Rangers ever. Some people only looked down upon it because it had to follow in such large footsteps, the first three seasons. Yet, most of the rangers return, and there’s just some cool, classic power ranger action.

After watching a couple of Zeo episodes, let me warn you about the next season, Power Rangers Turbo. Unlike Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is a continuation of the series and the lead in to Power Rangers Turbo. This movie is simply not good, and unnecessary unless you happen to have a lot of extra time on your hands. The movie does have Tommy, and even brings back classic rangers Jason and Kimberly. However, Jason and Kimberley are evil for a portion of the movie, and don’t really do nothing. Divatox, the villain, isn’t at the level of the Machine Empire or Zedd/Rita Repulsa. And the worst, and I mean WORST, part of the movie and TV series is the blue ranger Justin. Justin is a 12 year old kid who becomes the blue ranger after Rocky injures himself at a martial arts tournament. When Justin morphs, he grows to 6 inches, and is just a completely stupid and ridiculous character, who just ruined this entire season. After a couple episodes, these rangers, who began in Mighty Morphin, finally give up their powers to a new group of teens T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie. These characters are okay, but not right for Turbo. The only episode I can recommend you watching from Turbo are episodes 24, 25, and 28 with the stealth, bad ass ranger called the Phantom Ranger. The Phantom Ranger is a mysterious, yet pure ranger who helps the Rangers throughout two seasons. He stands for all good, and is a completely different ranger than ever seen before.

Power Rangers in Space is one of the best seasons ever, and the four good rangers of Turbo come into contact with the pony-tailed, yet tactical genius Andros. Almost every episode in Power Rangers in Space is awesome, and I would attempt to see as much as possible. The plot line is great, and there are some spectacular fight scenes. The highlight of the season comes in episodes 31-36 with the mini-saga of the “Psycho Rangers.” The Psycho Rangers are evil, fast, and intelligent villains that I believe are arguably the best villains in ranger history ever. These episodes are well though out, and give you a little bit of everything. I highly suggest to check these out, they are a guaranteed great time. And the last of the “true” Zordon era takes place in the final episodes “Countdown to Destruction.” You see almost every Power Rangers villain, and ally here, and you see good triumph over evil, but with a price. I’m not going to give it away, but you have to check this out, you will enjoy it for sure.

Lost Galaxy follows Space, and although isn’t directly associated with the struggle to free Zordon, it’s connected and fantastic. Lost Galaxy has a good twist in the beginning, and runs your emotions a little bit also. You even see your final scenes with Bulk and Skull (yes, there still around!) Lost Galaxy has a great red ranger in Leo, and he’s the true highlight of the series. I suggest watching this season, not because of the continuation of the stories, but because it’s great. It’s not highly necessary, but it captivates the greatness of Power Rangers. I’m not going to say much more about this season, but take a peak at it, you may really enjoy it. Believe it or not, it’s on CW’s kids networking times schedule so it’s not too hard to find it.

Step 4: Catch Up On Some Fun Seasons

Since the end of the Zordon era, there have been 13 seasons of Power Rangers. And to be frankly honest with you, there are at max 5 good seasons worth watching. First off is Lightspeed Rescue, a personal favorite of mine. This season portrays 5 active citizens who each have diverse jobs, and act more as a special unit of officers with powers than magical power rangers. It’s just awesome, and the Lightspeed rescue force in their yellow hummer protecting the world against the Demons is incredible. This whole season is just superb, and between the Titanium ranger, and some good fight scenes, Lightspeed Rescue is an enjoyable series.

Power Rangers Time Force is the follow up to Lightspeed Rescue, and is actually the best series of Power Rangers ever. It cannot compete with Mighty Morphin’ because there just on two completely different levels, but based on plot, acting, and overall story-telling, Time Force wins. You have to check out this series, because it’s more than just a Power Rangers TV show, it’s an actual show that has a great story-line that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Time Force is based around four rangers who come from the future to stop a mutant criminal named Ransik. These Time Force rangers from the future meet Wes, who has a direct DNA match with the former red ranger. This newly assembled team kicks some serious mutant ass, and when Wes’s former friend Erik becomes the new special ranger, who although is red, known as the Quantum Ranger, the show picks up and gets deep, emotional, and hardcore. There’s even the first power rangers to say “I love you” and develop a relationship with Wes and Jen (Red and Pink Rangers). Time Force is incredible, and I can’t even name you a specific episode because there all just so good. Watch this season when given the time, and come back to this page, and discuss how much you loved it.
After Time Force comes Power Rangers Wild Force, which is a decent season despite some stupid plot lines, and silly characters. The red ranger in this series name is Cole Evans. Although he looks to fit the part and is a honest person, he was the son of two scientists lost in the jungle, and was raised by a local tribe. Let’s be honest, that’s not the most realistic background for a main character. But there’s still some worthy episodes episodes to check out. The first one I suggest are episodes 24 and 25. In this episode, the Wild Force team meets with the Time Force team to track down and stop “Mut-Orgs.” You find out what happens to the legendary Time Force squad, and it’s a good time. Another episode, which is a huge fan favorite, is episode 34 “Forever Red.” This episode is an all-time great episodes, where every red ranger in the history of power rangers comes together and attempts to stop members of the Machine Empire who seek to take over Lord Zedd’s dragon zord. It’s great to see every ranger come together and kick some serious ass. You have to watch this episode if you consider yourself a Power Ranger fan.

Two seasons later comes Dino Thunder, a legitimate return of Tommy Oliver now as a teacher, and future mentor for these rangers. The first episode to check out of Dino Thunder is episode 4 “Legacy of Power.” In this episode Tommy goes through a quick synopsis of the history of Power Rangers. This may be helpful for people picking up the article right here, or for people who may need a refresher after so much Power Rangers. Anyways, it’s cool to look back and see how much history Power Rangers really has. Now another episode in Dino Thunder you have to watch is episode 5, “Back in Black.” Basically, we see can older Tommy come back to return as a power ranger yet again, this time as the fourth Dino ranger, the Black ranger. And yes, he kicks some serious ass. Overall, its a good season with some fun episodes and some cool character. It’s not necessary to watch, but maybe something you might be interested in if you stumble upon it.

Power Rangers S.P.D. is somewhat corny, but it’s not terrible. It has a lot of rangers, and is a long, season that might catch your attention. But beyond that, there aren’t too many more seasons that are great. Stick with the ones I just mentioned and you should be all caught up with some ranger history.

Step 5: Share Your Power Ranger Love!

A huge part in becoming a fan of everything is being able to share, discuss, and communicate with other people on the things we enjoy. That’s why we are very fortunate enough to have comicbookmovie.com. I feel like there isn’t enough Power Rangers going on, but we can change that. For the people who already know about Power Rangers, get going on CBM! And for those who don’t, this article should help you change that! Get going on making lists of your favorite rangers, seasons, villains, episodes and more! Besides lists, make some reviews, editorials, fan-casts, anything to keep CBM involved with Power Rangers. Power Rangers are such awesome heroes, and throughout their deep 20 year history, they have cultivated so many childhoods it makes sense to keep spreading the ranger love. Do what you can to promote Power Rangers on this site, and don’t be afraid to get your own work out there discussing whatever Power Ranger things you want!


I spent a lot of time writing this article, and I hope you truly listen to me when I say expand the Power Ranger love. To start spreading some Ranger discussion, and help acknowledge this article to more CBMers, go on and hit that THUMBS UP (Y) button! Leave your comments, questions, and own advice in the section below, and enjoy the holiday season!

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