5 Unforgettable CBM moments by StrangerX

5 Unforgettable CBM moments by StrangerX

It's hard to choose five favorite Comic Book Movie moments especially when there are so many I've enjoyed, but here are some unforgettable moments that made me truly love watching CBM's

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#5 Raphael gets Beat down on April's NYC Rooftop

Here's an oldie but goodie. If anyone knows TMNT than they know Raphael has a tendency to be kind of a hot head. So its no surprise when Splinter goes missing, and an argument with leo leads him to blow off some steam on the rooftop. However, no one expected foot soldiers to be their, and especially no one knew Casery Jones would be watching from the next roof over. What makes this scene so great is we get to see Raph handle things on his own, until about twenty more Footies come join the party ending with Raphael being thrown into the building during one of the best fight scenes in the movie.

#4 Hit Girl goes on a Warpath

kick ass - hit girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Now Kick Ass might have been a great flick, but we all know why. Chloe Moretz killed it as the foul mouthed gun toting Hit Girl. You almost think you've seen it all, until western music starts playing in the background and Moretz shows up in a school girl outfit taking out the doorman with the silencer. Yet it's not until she comes out the elevator we realize she doesn't give a damn about her reputation.

#3 Darth Maul takes on Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jinn

darth maul Pictures, Images and Photos

Star Wars the Phantom Menace may not be a favorite of many fans, but it does have it's moments, and this fight scene was one if not the only scene I loved. From the moment it began with Qui Gon stepping forward saying we'll handle this to the end where Maul lost his legs. It was this point in the movie I realized that Liam and Ewan were meant to be Jedi. The fact that Ray Parks movements were so fluid as Darth Maul made it all worth it. Now if only they cut off Jar Jars tongue.

#2 Nurse Joker meets Harvey Dent
The Joker Pictures, Images and Photos

HIIIIIiiiiiii.... I mean seriously how can you not love this part. I know so many had the interrogation seen as one of there favorite moments, but for me this takes the cake. It was at this moment that i truly realized that Nolan knows what he's doing. From the make-up to the character dialogue. When the joker confronts Harvey Dent in Gotham General I knew this would be one of my favorite movies of all time. What makes the scene so special is that this is the moment that Joker convinces Harvey Dent to strip his White Knight persona and become an agent of Chaos.

#1 Nick Fury confronts Tony Stark with the Avengers Initiative

Nick Fury Pictures, Images and Photos

What can i say, it's the moment that started it all. The moment thats had Marvel fans going nuts for years. After Tony Stark outs himself as Iron Man you would think the Surprises stop there, but no. In the after credits were given even something bigger with one of the best cameos ever, Nick Fury, however, it's not just Nick Fury Sam motha frickin Jackson as Nick Fury making only one statement.

I"m here to talk to you about the Avenger's Initiative.

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