Alternative Superfilms Part 2

Alternative Superfilms Part 2

Come and see the Poll Results. Plus more Polls are ready!

A new idea for a superhero movie but I want YOU to be behind it.

Today I'll have a poll for you to answer. In it....

I will allow YOU decide what kind of movie it will be.
Next week I will allow YOU decide what the main character will. be like.
Week after that, have YOU decide what kind of powers he should have.
After that, have YOU decide what the antagonist will be like.

It's YOUR movie! All I'll do is make story. But the rest is up to you.

Well, results are in. It was a very close one!

1 Vote for Criminal's POV
9 Votes for Superhero
9 Votes for Sidekick
WINNER: 10 Votes for Supervillain

Now is time do decide 2 more things: the Villain's Personality and his Age Range


I'll be back next week with the results and new polls.

Be sure to comment. Thanks guys.
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