ANNOUNCING: The CBM Community Calendar!

ANNOUNCING: The CBM Community Calendar!

We're getting organized! It's a new year, and we've added a new site feature to help keep track of CBM's community events--which will be kicking into high-gear for 2014. Check it out over there on the right side of the homepage--in the "Spotlight" section.

I'm constantly amazed when someone pops into the chat saying, "I didn't know CBM had a chat? This is so cool!" For some reason, kid's these days just aren't very observant and a lot of you don't look at the "Spotlight" section of our beloved site. SOOOOOOO, we're making this announcement to let everybody know.


I know, I know. A calendar on a website is NOT really a new idea. We've had the vertical calendar with the listing of comic book movies there on the right side of the site for millenia, but this one will be able to keep track of a whole lot more, AND it is meant to bring more of you nerds together by keeping everyone abreast of all the things going on at CBM--which we will be doing a LOT more of. Here are just a few of the things currently listed:

  1. Comic Book Movie Opening Release Dates - Of course!

  2. Comic Book Movie Blu-ray/DVD Release Dates

  3. Conventions - Comic-Con and all the others. Send in your local ones and we'll put them on the calendar.

  4. "Beat Galactus" Chatroom Trivia Quiz - Come and test your knowledge of comics and comic book movies EVERY THURSDAY against Mighty Galactus himself (or one of his helper heralds). If you haven't been in one of these trivia contests before, it's a helluva lot of fun. And you can win some craptastic prizes! Note: Currently there are two different times on alternate Thursdays to allow for afternoon and evening site visitors. Time of day may change from time to time in order to allow for more players.

  5. "Meet the Management" Weekly Chat Event - A regular meet and greet where Galactus (Jim) and/or some of the other site volunteers will be available in the chatroom for questions, complaints, and advice for aspiring contributors. Get approval for article ideas, learn the rules about how to gain privileges on the site, lodge complaints, and find out how you can be a part of making the site better. Right now we have it scheduled on Sunday Night, but the times and days of the week may be moving around. So, always check the calendar!

  6. Contests - We have multiple contests and FREE DRAWINGS going on each month, but now they will be easier to know about because you can check the end dates on the calendar.

  7. Chat Events - We will be promoting community interaction with a whole host of chat events like our weekly WALKING DEAD chat on Sunday nights after each episode (when the show returns February 10th). If you have an idea for a chat topic and want to schedule a time to host a chat event, you can request to put it on the calendar. Just email your idea to [email protected], and be sure to show up and do your duty.

  8. And lots more to come! These are only a few initial ideas. Send us in YOUR ideas for community events that we can add to this list!

So, don't forget to check it out regularly and help us grow our already awesome CBM community.

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