Another Vampire Movie Picked Up, But This One's a Comic Book!

Another Vampire Movie Picked Up, But This One's a Comic Book!

Aurora Productions & Platinum Studios are banding together on a movie adaption of graphic novel "Nightfall" which was published by Platinum. The story centers on a guy who finds out just how crap life can get when he discovers that the prison he just entered is controlled by vampires, bummer lol, that sucks...

Variety is reporting Aurora Productions has indeed teamed up with Platinum Studios to develop a feature length movie of Platinum's comic book property Nightfall.

Nightfall was published in 2007 by artist Scott O. Brown & was drawn by Ferran Xalabarder.

Well i know most are sick of Vampire movies, mainly being cough cough Twilight and stuff, but this one has an edge and will do well told as a vampire movie, plus a bonus is it was a comic book first, always a good sign.

Producers are William Stuart (Aurora) and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Platinum Studios chairman and CEO).

Platinum studios also has in their works: Witchblade, Unique, Cowboys & Aliens, and Atlantis Rising.

LEEE - All of which i'd love to see on the big screen. This sounds good, and i'm not a lover of vampire flicks but i am of comic book ones so i will support it, hope you do too! ; )
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