Armond White Thinks GHOST RIDER: SOV Was Better Than ZERO DARK THIRTY

Armond White Thinks GHOST RIDER: SOV Was Better Than ZERO DARK THIRTY

Well, the movie has at least one fan! The notoriously contrarian (and downright odd imo) critic has posted his annual "better than list", and seems to have seen quite a bit more depth in the fan-blasted CBM sequel than anyone else..

Armond White is always good for a few headlines - and many believe that's the whole point of his shtick. I don't know if he is just looking for attention, or if he actually is delusional enough to believe the things he writes, but it's always good for a giggle one way or the other. White has posted his "better than list", which isn't too OTT for the most part (I even agree with him on one or two) but there are a couple of glaring exceptions. It seems Mr White is a big fan of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's mess of a sequel to Ghost Rider, even going so far as to draw comparisons with Katherine Bigelow's gripping (though admittedly slightly overrated) Zero Dark Thirty..

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Taken 2 > Zero Dark Thirty
Neveldine-Taylor and Olivier Megaton revealed the post-9/11 zeitgeist in genre tropes, while Bigelow reduced the zeitgeist to an enigmatic comic strip, a “mission accomplished” delusion.

I must have missed the post-9/11 zeitgeist in Ghost Rider: SOV, but then I did only see it once and was probably too distracted by Nic Cage's tremendous performance to notice. Click the link back to The New York Press below to read White's list in full.

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