Battleship! Stretch Armstrong! Hasbro Games & Toys Coming to Big Screen

Battleship! Stretch Armstrong! Hasbro Games & Toys Coming to Big Screen

Yep, Battleship may be coming to a cinema near you very soon. Universal Sets Battleship for a July the 1st 2011 release. Read more here...

Universal Pictures Peter Berg-directed Battleship, is going to be a live-action adaptation of Hasbro's board game.

Variety says the deal is part of a two-picture pact Berg has made with the studio, Afghan war drama Lone Survivor is the follow up to Battleship.

Battleship script has been written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber. The Production is scheduled to begin sometime in next spring.

For Berg, the picture realizes a passion for ship-bound war stories that he picked up from his naval historian father.

Berg was calling the film "a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle." Hmmm, you sank my Battleship lol!

Hey don't fret, there's much more Hasbro movie adaptations in the works at Universal including Stretch Armstrong (April 11, 2011) with Steve Oedekerk, Clue with Gore Verbinski, and of all things Monopoly with Ridley Scott? Maybe its going to be like Wall Street heh heh, hey have you heard, there's a Wall Street 2 movie just been done with Transformer boy & Indy Junior Shia LaBeouf! Also there's a movie called Candy Land with Kevin Lima and Ouija with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes. Not heard of that one, but im sure it'll be good.

Who don't want a piece of Stretch Armstrong lol?

The Batlleship film will be the next directorial assignment for Peter Berg, who last helmed "Hancock." Other Berg projects in development are Dune and Hancock 2, which will come along after.

LEEE777 - Watch out, Hasbro's invading! Damn, i just want to see a darn GI Joe Vs Transformers movie, hopefully we'll get to maybe see that after Transformers 3 and GI Joe 2! ; )
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