BE A HERO III - Join Us In The Fight Against Child Slavery

<span style="color: red">BE A HERO III</span> - Join Us In The Fight Against Child Slavery is still active with O.U.R. and the ongoing battle to fight child slavery and sex trafficking! Learn more about what exactly we're doing, why, and how you can help after the jump!

If you follow CBM on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (or me personally), you may remember our previous "Be A Hero" campaigns in 2018. If you happened to miss out on the opportunity to support, you have another one as the current Synergy Leadership Academy class (SLV8) has selected Operation Underground Railroad as their legacy project and are raising funds through October 27th to fund another mission to save children from slavery and sex trafficking.

Here, you will find a video that I created last year after spending 4-6 VERY rough hours going through all of O.U.R.'s videos. The stats I saw while researching for the video were terrifying, and it resulted in the video below.

What Are We Doing And Why?

In a nutshell, CBM is teaming up with SLV8 and O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) for a one week fundraising drive to raise money for a mission/rescue. SLV8 is part of a personal growth and leadership program that I particpated in back in January of 2018 (I have beeen volunteering and staffing for the last two years). The final phase of the leadership program is to create a "Legacy" project (basically a one week push to raise funds for a charity). There are very strict criteria regarding which charity that may be supported, including maximum administration fees, the majority of money raised has to go to the actual charity, be approved by the Synergy Leadership Academy organization, etc. Did you know that some charities keep 85% of the donations and only 15%, or less, actually get put to work to "help"?!

SLV8 has chosen to raise funds for O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) to combat the problem of human trafficking and slavery. In particular we're focused on ending child slavery and sex trafficking. If you know anything about their program, or are a parent, it was an easy decision. The fact that an earlier Synergy leadership team raised funds for O.U.R. that resulted in a mission in my home state of Utah, where 12 children were rescued (all under the age of 11), was icing on the cake. THEY GET RESULTS AND SAVE LIVES!

There are so many other facts and figures that I could have included... There are estimated to be 10 million children currently enslaved. Of those 10 million, 2 million are being used in sex slavery. Used and abused over and over and even resold. It's a nightmare.

How Can You Help?

It's easy. Donate! Any amount helps, even if it's only $1. All donations are tax deductible and go to fund an actual mission where Operation Underground Railroad will save lives. Past missions have saved anywhere from 10 to 50+ children. The perpetrators and ring leaders, the "Bad Guys", are arrested. The best part is that as a donor, you get updates on what's happening with the missions, how many children are saved and how many people are arrested. O.U.R. also has an "Aftercare" program that supports survivors who have been freed.

When You Donate...

O.U.R. has set up a donation page specifically for us, but, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, when you donate you must put "CBM", "ComicBookMovie", or my name ("Nate") in the comment box of the donation form. It's archaic with today's technologies, but it's the only way we have to track where the donations originated between all of the different team members behind the push.

The other thing to keep in mind is that our fundraising drive ends on 10/27, so time is of the essence!

Why's Tracking The Source Of Donations So Important?

It's vital for the donations from CBM be tracked for one simple reason; BLS, the parent company of CBM is matching every dollar donated through CBM. We're so passionate about it that we're willing to match dollar for dollar what is generated via the CBM community. By including something in the comments about CBM, or myself, we KNOW without a doubt where the money came from and will match it!

Where's The Donation Link!?

I've purposefully saved the link for the end because the tracking issue (make sure and let them know you found it because of CBM). When you're ready to donate, visit

There is additional information regarding O.U.R., some FAQs and even a video that they put together regarding their mission and what they do.

Want To Learn More About The Personal Development/Leadership Program?

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the Synergy Leadership Academy program I'm involved in. It's broken up into three workshops. The first two workshops focus on things holding you back, realizing YOUR importance to the world and rediscovering your dreams and passions. The third workshop is all about leadership, setting goals and (more importantly) achieving them. It's made a world of difference in my life and it's one of the few things that I would recommend EVERYONE do.

You can also learn more by visiting There are new workshops beginning every six months, with the next one beginning January 16th!
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