CBM's DrDoom will be hosting a Beat Galactus quiz tonight! Your knowledge of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) will be put to the test. It begins at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the CHAT ROOM. Check it out!

The quiz will take place at 7:00pm EST in the CHAT ROOM. I am aware that some of you are outside the United States and should you need help figuring out what time that is for you, GO HERE and you will find a "Time Zone Conversion Chart." If you still need help after that, then may God have mercy on your soul.
1- DrDoom, is in charge. He will have the final say in who got the correct answer, the final winner and any other issues that may come up. He is a Herald of Galactus and therefore have his support in any decision made. Should there be any questions, he will pause the game and refer to sources and peers for assistance, but he will have the final say in the matter.

ANY USER WHO IS DEEMED BEING A DOUCHE, WILL HAVE THEIR ACCOUNT DISABLED BY GALACTUS UNTIL THE QUIZ IS COMPLETE! So, don't be a douche. Being a douche includes doing your own countdown, therefore interrupting DrDoom's countdown to the question.

2- DrDoom will ask a question and the first person to answer correctly...gets a point. The person with the highest point count at the end...WINS!

3- Should there be a tie, a final question will be asked in which only the tied users will participate! The user who gets the correct answer wins.

4- DrDoom will have 15 questions to ask which will pertain to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

5- When answering, no abbreviations or initials will be accepted; DrDoom needs the full answer. Also, the correct spelling of the answer is required. All other answers will be discarded.

6- Update! There will be no prize for this quiz.

7- There will be no tolerance for smart-asses during the quiz. If DrDoom finds you are making it hard for others to enjoy the quiz, you will be disqualified and ineligible to participate. This quiz is supposed to be fun, so let other people enjoy it.

8- If you have been the winner within the last 5 quizzes, we ask that you sit this one out. Your help in keeping score and watching for the user who gets the answer correct first is greatly appreciated. This will also give other users the opportunity to win a great prize.

Pasto and the rest of our loyal CHAT ROOM users would love to see more of you users in the CHAT ROOM. Stop on by and shoot the shiznit with our colorful cast of characters. Come for the quiz, stay for the friendships. Aw, dat's sweet.

Also, Galactus is looking for more CBM users that would like to host quizzes in the future. If you're interested let us know below, or contact Pasto in the chat room. He'll send your information to Galactus.
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