BIGBMH's Best of 2012

BIGBMH's Best of 2012

My take on the competition between the biggest superhero movies of 2012

For those of you who don't want to watch the video, here are the main points.

The Numbers

Box Office
1. The Avengers: $1,511,757,910
2. The Dark Knight Rises: $1,081,041,287
3. The Amazing Spider-man: $752,216,557

Critical Reception
1. The Avengers: 92%
2. The Dark Knight Rises:87%
3. The Amazing Spider-man:73%

My Opinion

Best Action:
The Avengers

Best Comedy:
The Avengers

Best Romance:
The Amazing Spider-man

Best Casting Choice:
Andrew Garfield as Spider-man

Best Supporting Cast Member:
Michael Caine as Alfred

Best Villain:

My Favorite of 2012:
The Avengers

Click the pictures below to read my reviews for each of the movies.

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