Black History Month: Greatest Comic-Book Characters of All Time #6

Black History Month: Greatest Comic-Book Characters of All Time #6

Even though it is the last day of Black History Month, we'll still continue the countdown like it wasn't. Please comment, rate and vote: Which is the best ____ on film?-Sam vs David

#7 Nicholas Joseph/Nick Fury

General Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury is a fictional character published by Marvel Comics. A reinterpretation of the character Nick Fury, one of the most notable differences between the two is that the mainstream Nick Fury is an Italian American colonel with graying brown hair, while this Nick Fury is a bald African American general, whose likeness specifically based upon that of actor Samuel L. Jackson (with the actor's permission). Jackson has since taken up the role in several Marvel movies set in the established Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in brief post-credits scenes in Iron Man and Thor; two scenes in Captain America: The First Avenger; and in a supporting role in Iron Man 2. (Jackson is currently filming his role for The Avengers.) This Nick Fury has a substantial presence in all the Ultimate Marvel comics, appearing first in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up and Ultimate X-Men and later reappearing regularly in Ultimate Spider-Man and finally securing a regular, recurring role as the General of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the leader of the Ultimates, a re-imagining of the Avengers.

dmb1511: The ultimate Nick Fury is based on Samuel L. Jackson, how can you not enjoy Samuel L. Jackson? I have only one question for you. Would rather watch David Hasslehoff or Samuel L. Jackson’s onscreen interpretation of Nicholas Fury? Jackson’s Nick Fury is my reason for seeing the avengers. I like Nick Fury because he is the man in charge without all the extra stuff. To be honest I didn’t know who Nick Fury was until they changed his nationality. That’s when all the “attention” came to the character. Every since Marvel altered the character my attention has been kept whether comics, video-games of films

bigshow2312: This character was in the preliminary stage when White characters were being transformed Black. Though it disturbed many fans of the comic genre, many people did not grasp that the Avengers represented the American (even the world) demographic in a fictional military-like fashion. You can’t have a symbolic squadron full of people just from the majority group, especially since this country was built by the hands of many colors. Not to mention, comics is expected to appeal to the audience which is composed of a sundry of tribal backgrounds. If one would in fact take a step back and think about Marvel’s lead to their brilliant yet eccentric decision, it would have unquestionably been amongst Thor, Captain America or Bruce Banner. Other than Fury, who would they have chosen?

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