Boromir's Death In LORD OF THE RINGS Cracks Sean Bean's Top Five List Of On-Screen Deaths

Boromir's Death In LORD OF THE RINGS Cracks Sean Bean's Top Five List Of On-Screen Deaths

If you're watching a television show or a movie and Sean Bean ("Game Of Thrones") happens to be in it, it's almost a certainty that his character will die. Just hit the jump to check out an amazing infographic detailing the many on-screen deaths of the veteran actor.

The website, Little White Lies, recently had an article with Sean Bean in which he lists and provides behind-the-scenes information on his top five on-screen deaths scenes. Making the list was his death scene in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, when Uruk-hai leader Lurtz uses Boromir as a dartboard. Also making the list were Black Death (2010), Patriot Games (1992), The Field (1990) and Equilibrium (2002). To read Bean's descriptions of those scenes click here.

Now keep in mind, Sean Bean may be easy to kill on-screen, but that doesn't mean he is any sort of pushover in real life. Take this story for instance, it's from The Daily Mail, it's a fun read. In 2011 Sean Bean went to a local pub with April Summers, a Playboy model three decades younger than him (Nice!). At some point during the night a passerby made a lewd comment about Bean's gorgeous date. The actor confronted the man about it and went back inside, then later in the evening when Bean went out for a smoke he was attacked by the man - stabbed with a piece of broken glass and punched in the eye. Now did Mr. Bean rush off to the hospital like a responsible lad? Oh no, he's a man's man! "Instead, the star walked back into the bar and, after staff gave him aid from a first aid kit, ordered another drink," The Daily Mail reported.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

"This one took quite a while, but it was a big production so we had a lot of time to get it right. It happens at the end of the film, so they wanted to make a big splash – whoever was going to die was going to do so in spectacular fashion. Peter [Jackson] spent quite a bit of time on that particular death, choreographing every detail and planning how he was going to film parts of it in slow motion and what music he was going to use.

"There's a big fight which wears Boromir down and, little by little, these ugly beasts get the better of him. That moment when I'm down on my knees and I'm looking up at Lurtz is incredibly powerful. It's a very heroic death. I had this harness on with these arrows fixed into it which was quite heavy, but that was the only way to make it look as if these arrows are really stuck in you. If you look at that scene, there's never a point where you see an arrow being fired directly into me. It's done in a very clever way where the camera cuts to me at the moment of impact and I react as if I've been hit. It's the reactions that make it."

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Oh my God! They killed Sean Bean!
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