BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Praises Unannounced Script

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Praises Unannounced Script

Marvel's go to writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man) has praised an as-of-right-now unannounced film script as the best of the year? Hit the jump to find out what film Bendis might be hinting at...

In the past few years Brian Michael Bendis has become Marvel's go to writer working on Avengers versus X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Battle of the Atom and Marvel NOW's All New X-Men, so granted he's the kind of guy who might have a few film scripts lying around.

When asked by a fan (jmills1312) about the best film and screenplay of 2013, Bendis had this to say:

Movie tie The Wolf of Wall Street/ Gravity
Screenplay: can’t say. It hasn’t been announced yet

What could this script be? Who knows, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and the Inhumans are all rumoured to be in the works, or could Bendis be being consulted on an Ultimate Spider-Man film?

What do you think the script is? Sign off your comments below!
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