Bring back the art to movie posters!

Bring back the art to movie posters!

Mondo art boutique of Austin's renowned Alamo Drafthouse has gotten nation wide attention this year

It was announced that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences would archive all Mondo posters moving forward, the first time the group has ever done that outside of the official studio art. Mondo has been praised for helping to bring art back to poster.

Alot of them have been posted on the site this past year, and i for one love it. most of them have a 60s grind house movie look to them, and im ok with that.

But none the less its still art. i looked through there website archive and noticed that most of the posters they picked to redo are horror/comic book/scifi movies and some older cartoons.

yahoo tried to do some best of 2011 and i thought there picks, well kinda sucked, so i went and made my own best of 2011 posters

my list may be alot, but to pick out of 145, 20 isnt that bad

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