Captain America and Wolverine Smashing Cars Near You!

Captain America and Wolverine  Smashing Cars Near You!

Cap has been spotted doing major destruction

Hello sports fans! Today i decided to stop at my parents house to say hi and get some points to try and be the favorite sibling(lord knows i need them), and as soon as i stepped foot in the door i was welcomed with the sound of straight pipes and headers blaring through the new 7.1 surround sound i had bought for my dad. You see my dad is a big time car guy, he builds cars from the early 1900's on a daily basis in his leisure time, and could tell you anything you need to know about Henry Ford. Me, i know how to work on my car but i don't dive into it in any way as much as my "pops". Today he found something for us to bond over, this guy

The Captain America monster truck! When i walked in to see what he was watching i took a double take to make sure what i saw was real. The iconic shield flying through the air and smashing cars was an awesome sight to see. Pops and i bonded over this for awhile and when i left i decided to do some research and found that there is also this bad boy

Wolverine has got his own truck too! To get a closer look check out this guys video

And for more info on these trucks and there show schedules check out

Thanks pops for the heads up
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