Captain Canuck coming to Cinemas?

<i>Captain Canuck</i> coming to Cinemas?

According to the co-creator of the character, we may soon see a live action version of the character in the future.

Over at Hero Complex, Richard Comely the co-creator of Captain Canuck, has told the blog that the character is close to making it onto the big screen. For those unfamiliar with the character, courtesy of Wikipedia:

"Captain Canuck is one of the most popular Canadian comic book superheros. Three characters have worn the maple leafed costume of Captain Canuck. Described as a cross between Captain America and Flash Gordon, the first Captain Canuck patrols Canada in the (then) futuristic world of 1993, where "Canada had become the most powerful country in the world." He was the costumed agent of the CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Services)."

According to Comely:
He is close to striking a deal with a Canadian production company to make a $15-million live-action version of the comic. He would not say which company he is in discussions with.

If the movie does end up happening, Comely says the character will provide a fresh take on the genre:
If the movie deal does come to fruition, Comely said Captain Canuck will surprise fans accustomed to the fiery violence and high-tech gizmos that define the American masked-men movies. “I wanted him to be as real as possible,” Comely said in a phone interview from Ontario. “He’s polite, by the way. Just a little bit gentler.”

Which iteration will appear if the movie does go ahead is still unclear:
Comely said it’s unclear which Captain Canuck would appear in the movie.

Certainly interesting news, a small budget Canadian superhero movie.
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