CBM 101: How To Write Good Articles: How To Use HTML

CBM 101: How To Write Good Articles: How To Use HTML

They're back! New, updated CBM 101 articles are finally here! In this article I explain how to make text links, bold, italic, and underlined font! I give advice on making good articles and much more! What are you waiting for? Make the jump!

CBM has come a long way from just 2010 when I first made my account. We have grown in community, editors, reliability, and quality. Which is a good thing. Perhaps in two more years we can grow even more. But we need to YOU too keep growing in users and quality.

Josh Wilding has recently made an excellent contribution to the CBM: 101 features, find that HERE. But today I'm showing something a little different.

If you're interested in posting an article or just posting in the comments this will be some things you need to learn. For this lesson lets see how to use HTML to make better looking articles.

Lets start with some simple things, like some of what I used to make the text on this article look more professional.

HTML Font Code:

<font size=4>Insert Text Here</font>


Size Four Font

There is actually two ways of making bold and italics, I'll tell you the preferred way at CBM first and the other way second. To find out more about <strong> <em> click HERE

Preferred Way: HTML For Bold (Strong) 1:

<strong>Insert Text Here</strong>


Bold Font (Strong)

HTML For Bold 2:

<b>Insert Text Here</b>


Bold Font

HTML For Italics (em) 1:

<em>Insert Text Here</em>

HTML For Italics 2:

<i>Insert Text Here</i>


Italicized Font

HTML For Underline:

<u>Insert Text Here</u>


Underlined Font

Naturally you can use these together as well, for example:

HTML Font Size, Bold, Italics, And Underline Working Together:

Way 1 (Preferred Way):

<font size=4><strong><em><u>HTML Working Together</u></em></strong></font>

Way 2:

<font size=4><b><i><u>HTML Working Together</u></i></b></font>


HTML Working Together

Be sure to leave your / on the end of each </> because if you don't you'll make the whole page be in italics or another type of font!

Another type of text is highlighting in yellow. (This HTML works for CBM, I'm unsure if it works for other sites.)

HTML Highlighting In Yellow (For CBM):

<blockquote>Insert Text Here</blockquote>


HTML Font Highlighted In Yellow

The above highlighted font is mostly used for quotes from news sites and/or individuals.

Another type of font we'll look a today is font with color.

HTML Colored Font:

<font color=red>Insert Text Here</font>


HTML Font Colored In Red

To change the color all you have to do is to type were the "red" is and change it to "blue", "green", "yellow", etc.

The last type of HTML isn't exactly a font, it's how to make a link out of text.

HTML Link:

<a href="Post Link Here">Text Here</a>



This is what not to do. The picture below is this very article with most of the HTML taken out of it.

As you can see HTML is essential to making articles look good. It doesn't matter weather you are the best writer in the world you need to learn at least some HTML to work with CBM. If you don't want to learn it, then don't be mad at the editors if they take off your articles, re-write it, or use it in their own article.

I'm not an editor though, heh, I'm not even a trusted user yet. But it doesn't matter, I will continue to strive to do my best each time I write. Hopefully I will learn and get better each and every time. I hope you will do the same.

We have just brushed the very edge of things to learn about HTML, so be sure to stay tuned to learn more.

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