CBM Excusive: Helena Mattsson Wants To Be The Scarlet Witch!

<FONT COLOR="0000FF">CBM Excusive:</FONT> Helena Mattsson Wants To Be The Scarlet Witch!

The Surrogates and Ironman 2 star contacted CBM’s own Shaman to be sketched as her dream role!

Helena Mattsson was born in Sweden and grew up reading comic books in Stockholm. Since she was always fond of witches, The Scarlet Witch quickly became her favourite comic book character. At a young age, she moved to London, England, and attended theatre school. She’s been living and acting in Hollywood since she was 19 years old. Being a fan of my art and my “sketch-casting” (which consists of casting actors in comic book character roles and sketching their portraits as that character), she contacted me and asked if I could sketch her as her own favourite character.

Now some of you might know that I don’t “sketch-cast” actors that I don’t personally endorse for the specific role. Call me ”anal” if you want, I take my art and comic book films very seriously as should the industry itself, but that’s another story. Since I had never heard of this actress before, I did a bit of research on her acting experience. To my astonishment, not only was she going to be a part of Disney’s “Surrogates” as well as “Ironman 2”, she also had the lead role in “Species: The Awakening” which was the fourth addition to the franchise (wait for it…).

Having only seen the first film in the franchise and thinking at the time that I had had my fill of their concept, the sigh I breathed while searching for the film online wasn’t one of relief. Needless to say I didn’t care to finish it however I had seen enough of her performance to judge her talents. She seemed too good for the film, literally. The director seemed to be "limiting" her acting abilities instead of exploiting them. I could see her true talent transpire through that horrid film. It was as if the director accepted "the rough" and didn't demand "the diamond" inside it. And her diamond was slightly shining through the rough while all I could see of the other actors was rubble. In fact, it felt very similar to Ashley Greene’s case in Twilight. It had to be the director’s fault for making them all act that off par. Ashley was the only one out of the whole bunch who delivered even if Pattinson had been very decent in Harry Potter. I learned later on that Ashley’s character was supposed to be “The Weird One”. Which I guess explains why only she shined.

Well I don’t know if Helena’s character was to be another one of them “weird ones” but she definitely outshined every one on set! From the little time we could notice her skills, we could see that she was able to display torture, anger, disdain, bafflement as well as joy and playfulness. I'd say, judging from her character, there was a "coldness" that would easily suit Emma Frost's personality a bit more than Wanda's but from the versatility that she was "allowed" to portray, I have no doubt that she could render justice to The Scarlet Witch's character. Not only that but I think she’d look great heading into battle along side Jensen Ackles as Captain America! The only problem I could see was that she is to appear in Ironman 2 so it would have to be a role that is minor enough for her to come back as someone else in Avengers. Unless… Hmmmm… Could it be… a “tie-in”? In the mean time, here’s…

My sketch of Helena Mattsson as The Scarlet Witch!!!

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