CBM Halloween Costume Contest 2012!

CBM Halloween Costume Contest 2012!

Making its triumphant return, the CBM Halloween Costume Contest gives you, the users, a chance to show off your comic book inspired outfits for the holiday. As well as giving you a chance to win some awesome prizes!

The Rules

1. You must be a member of CBM. If you’re not and would like to sign up, you can do so by clicking HERE. If you are not a member of CBM I have no way of getting a hold of you to let you know if you won or not.

2. To post your entry use the comments section below. If you are not certain how to post a picture in the comments section, click HERE to read a short tutorial on how to do it. You also need to take a picture with a display card that contains your username, character name and submission date. You do not have to be holding the card but make sure it is readable. DO NOT Photoshop a display card into the photo.

3. For those of you who want to enter, but do not want to make your costume a public spectacle, please feel free to e-mail me a [email protected] Your submission will count and you have just as much chance at winning as the rest of the entrants.

4. The costume must be worn by You. However, if you have a child that is too young to access CBM by themselves and you would like to enter them that is fine too. Make sure that if you do enter your child you use a display card with your information.

5. No limitation on what the costume is, whether is be hand made or store bought. However, the costume MUST BE comic book related. This does not close the door on things such as Star Wars, Star Trek, ECT. If there has been a comic book made out of it, feel free to use it.

6. All entries must be submitted by Sunday October the 28th at midnight. Winners will be announced on Halloween, which will be that following Wednesday.

7. Keep comments regarding other peoples costume tasteful. I will Not tolerate degrading comments about someones efforts to show off their love for all things comic books. These comments will be deleted. If you continue to troll you will be turned over to Galactus and dealt with accordingly.

The Prizes

There will be one grand prize winner a long with two runners up. The winners will be chosen by me, WaylonJones, along with Galactus, JoshW, WolvieCBM, and Mark "Graphic City" Julian.

The Grand Prize Winner: Will win a fabulous box full of craptastic items from "Galactus Bag-o'-Booty". Which includes a CBM tee, various DVDs of live, action movies & cartoon shows, comics, graphic novels, and toys.

Runner Ups: A CBM Tee along with another item selected from the box.

Remember gang, lets keep this fun. I do not want to have to spend my time deleting a bunch of nasty comments. Also, if you have any questions about the contest please feel free to e-mail me. Again, my e-mail address is [email protected] Good luck, and Happy Halloween from all of us here at CBM!

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