CBM Photoplasty CONTEST #2: If Comic Book Characters Endorsed Commercial Products

CBM Photoplasty CONTEST #2: If Comic Book Characters Endorsed Commercial Products

CBM's photoplasty contest is back after popular demand! Have some fun, win some prizes, and manipulate some photos. The goal this time around is to have our contestants submit images depicting comic book characters endorsing commercial products. Check it out!

Welcome to the second comicbookmovie.com photoplasty contest. This entry is going to ask the ever- burning question (don’t worry, you won’t need a penicillin shot), “What would happen if comic book characters endorsed commercial products?” Perhaps, Mr. Fantastic could take his talents to lengths that would shame Jimmy Johnson or maybe these endorsements could be as simple as Silver Surfer hawking boards in Oahu. Imagine commercials where She-Hulk replaces Catherine Zeta-Jones or maybe she could be the latest Victoria’s Secret Angel. What color lingerie goes with green skin? I wonder. On a less, salivating note maybe the Thing could expound on the benefits of cocoa butter. “You think your skin is rough. Get a squirt of this.”Honestly, the extent of your imagination and depths of your depravity are up to you. Try to remember that nudity is not going to fly on this web site, no matter how many Power Girl entries you submit.

We will have a first prize winner who will receive a CBM t-shirt, DVD, and a book/graphic novel. We will also have a second prize winner who will get a CBM t-shirt.

The contest will be open til midnight (EST) of December 21st. You can make as many submissions as you want, just add them to our comments section. For those confounded by Photoshop, you too can stay in the action by pitching a text description of your idea so some of our more tech-savvy readers might transform your vision into gold. (Note: Only the artists win the prizes)

Do NOT submit other artists creations. The point of the contest is for YOU to piece together images all by yourself, not to steal someone else's hardwork. If you'd like to compete but don't have any photo editing software I would suggest that you download Gimp, which is free to use.

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