CBM's Top 10 Scariest Comic Book Movie Characters

CBM's Top 10 Scariest Comic Book Movie Characters

Now what each of us consider "scary" is relative, but here are some of the creepiest, darkest, most deranged, disturbed, dangerous and downright unsettling comic book characters ever to grace our screens...

Who doesn't love Halloween? Classic horror movies on tv, kids trick or treating at the door. We get to go out dressed in cool costumes and get rat arsed, and the ladies have an excuse to dress as complete sluts! Ah yes, magical:)

So in honor of this spooktacular holiday, I have compiled a list of the scariest CBM characters we have seen on screen thus far....

My first pick is Kroenen from Hellboy.

Is there anything scarier than an unkillable Nazi?? An unkillable Nazi with big fucking swords shooting out of his arms thats what. Kroenen was the clockwork hearted right hand man to the resurrected Rasputin in the first Hellboy movie. After dispatching the big red guy's "Father" Professor Bruttenholm(John Hurt) he met his end when Hellboy threw him onto a set of spikes and crushed him with a giant cog. He laughed as he died like the true creepy bastard he was!

Next up is Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) from A History Of Violence.

Stall's transformation from average Joe family man, to cold blooded killer is truly an unsettling experience. As he reverts back to his real identity, Joey Cusack and begins to dispatch his former colleagues in various nasty ways, Mortensen's typically excellent performance really sucks you in. Just watch those eyes!

The Joker(Heath Ledger) from The Dark Knight.

What else is there to say about this guy? An amazing performance from Ledger brings life to one of the most complexly psychotic characters in comic history. Ledger's Joker toned down the camp and pushed the terrifyingly chaotic side of the clown prince of crime to the foreground.

Lucifer(Peter Stormare) from Constantine.

This dude is one creepy SOB. He only appears at the end of the movie but from those first words.."Hello John..John...hello" he has you squirming in your seat. Stormare goes very close to over the top but just manages to keep things the right side of camp. After seeing him you see why Constantine reeeeeally does not want to go to Hell.

Eric Draven(Brandon Lee) from The Crow.

Ok, so he's technically a good guy, since all the scumbags he dispatches more than have it coming. But he does it with such serial killer like enjoyment, that I had to put him in the list. Plus, that make up just looks damn scary on Lee and his look has been a staple of Goth Halloween costumes for years since.

Victor Creed(Liev Schreiber) from X Men Origins: Wolverine .

Yeah yeah, the movie was shit and everyone involved should burn in hell right? Wrong. The film may have been disappointing, but there is no denying the brilliance of Schreiber's Sabertooth. He nails the viciousness and the joy he takes in the slaughter. That scene when Creed comes knocking on poor old Bradley's door is the stuff of nightmares. "Your creepy black coat don't scare me" says John Wraith right before Creed tears his spine out. Your a braver man than me dude.

Rorschach(Jackie Earle Haley) from Watchmen.

Another guy who is technically a "Hero". But tell me you would want to run in too him in a dark alley?..whether you had committed a crime or not! Its disturbing enough watching Rorschach repeatedly hack a dude in the head with a meat cleaver..but its when the mask comes off and we see Haley's brilliant and chilling turn in the prison that we realize that the cheese has slid off Walter Kovak's cracker a long time ago.

The Vampires from 30 Days Of Night.

I was going to just focus on the leader (Danny Huston) but these guys need a team recognition. Vicious, emotionless animals. Blood dripping from fangs, cold, black eyes, horrible snarling language. This is what vampires should be like. Tearing folks heads off in a feeding frenzy. Not sitting around in meadows glistening in the sun and looking constipated.

That Yellow Bastard (Nick Stahl) from Sin City

Probably more revolting than scary, but who wouldn't be at least disturbed by a psychotic pedophile with a big knife, a whip and that looked..well, like that Yellow bastard! He's not too handy when it comes to anyone but 19 year old strippers, and Hartigan(Bruce Willis) dispatches the sicko by tearing off his scrotum and punching his head into yellow mush. Lovely.

And last, but not least, probably the most terrifying of all..Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) from GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra.

Yes, quiver with fear as the human Muppet is once again cast as "comic relief". Quake in your boots as he delivers one liners that would have Arnie face palming. And rush to the nearest exit as he tells an aircraft he's going to "pop a cap" in it. I don't know about you, but my blood ran cold whenever this idiot was on screen.

Special mention to Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhall) in The Dark Knight.

Happy Halloween folks.

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