CENSORSHIP: If I Don't Like You, Your Comments Will Be Removed

CENSORSHIP: If I Don't Like You, Your Comments Will Be Removed

Freedom of speech for commenters, or freedom of speech for contributors...eitherway, this particular situation was in BAD FORM.

Over the last month, I've had several comments removed from articles written by a fellow CBM author. You might be thinking... I probably deserved it by violating CBM's Code Of Conduct or being an ASSHAT. Well, you'd be wrong on both accounts. My comments were deleted based solely on the writers dislike of my comments PERSONALLY. Wow! Whatever happened to freedom of speech?! Whatever happened to good writing ethics?! Censoring people's comments and making up false claims of being "hacked" or denying that YOU did it is gutless. When I wrote to Jim aka Galacticus, this is the response I received:

"Sorry YMN, but users can delete comments on any articles they contribute. That is how we set it up in the system and we think it is fair. So, I can’t come down on (username censored) because he doesn’t like a comment within his own article. The only other people who could edit/delete comments are my editors, and they are under strict orders NOT to delete user comments except for porn or spam.

While (username censored) may not understand that too much censorship isn't wise, giving him the respect and right to edit his own article is ALSO a freedom that we are trying to protect here at CBM. And hopefully, as he matures in his contributions, he’ll figure out that it’s better to allow everyone a voice in his comments section--whether he likes them or not. It makes for a more lively article. Most of our regular contributors have learned this lesson already.

But If you have a problem with the guy, just don’t comment on his articles any more. Or better yet, make an article/editorial yourself with the opposing viewpoint. Then you can delete HIS comments. See how it works?"


The practice of deleting user comments may not be against CBM Policy, but it is BAD FUCKING FORM!

As I full expect EVERY comment from this day forward to be deleted by (usernamed censored), but I wanted fellow CBM users to be aware that he has a record of deleting comments he disagrees with or from users he does not like. Maybe those users that believe in freedom of speech and in doing what is fair/right will no longer respond to his articles if he continues his practice of removing comments that do not violate CBM policies BUT that he disagrees with based on his personal issues.

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