Colorist Moose Baumann Needs Your Help!

Colorist Moose Baumann Needs Your Help!

Once again it has come to my attention that a comicbook master needs our help!

Not that long ago I mentioned that Gene Colan was ill. Now, unfortunely another comicbook master needs our help, and it's no other than the colorist Moose Baumann.

The situation is that Baumann's wife has been treated for breast cancer, and after chemotherapy and surgery, she was in remission. The cancer however, has returned and spread which in turn needs more chemotherapy and surgery but, because she had lost her job, she also had lost the privilige of health insurance.
The family have to pay off the remaining cost of the medical bill for treatment, which is above $90,000. And they are looking at losing their home as a result. Baumann is therefore selling some prints he has to pay of the medical bill.

Though this is nothing less than terrible news, I think Comicbookmovie might be the best place to report this, and one of the places with greatest possibility of producing results to help the Baumanns. The prints are $20 each, and that includes shipping worldwide. This includes oversized (13"x19") archival paper and inks. In Baumann words: "And all of the money goes to a good cause." So CBM'ers, let's try to help him out!

The link to the amazing prints you will find here:

Email Baumann regarding any prints and questions here:
[email protected]
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