Comic Book Babes: The Hot 100 (Well 50, really, but that's still pretty good, right?)

Comic Book Babes: The Hot 100 (Well 50, really, but that's still pretty good, right?)

Happy New Year! Have a look at some of the best comic book hotties that have been appearing in our beloved comic book movies over the years. Enjoy!

An exciting new year of comic book movies is on the horizon. Since the “birth” of the CBM with 1978’s Superman, we’ve seen a plethora of heroes and villains do battle on the big screen. But what about the ladies? In the interest of the holidays, I thought it’d be fun to rank my favorite females from CBMs. For a change of pace, I’m not going to worry about, strong acting ability, or the overall quality of the film in which they starred. But I will consider if I even liked them in the role. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s time to get shallow! (And folks, try not to get caught up in the order- this is simply a celebration of babeage)

So who is the hottest comic book babe? It’s a simple enough question. But leave it me to make it complicated! The classy MILF, or the girl next door? “Hotness” is, after all a subjective matter of taste. What makes these women attractive? Beauty? Body? Brains? What about danger? Or toughness? I looked at as many ‘categories’ as I could, ranging from sultry Femme Fatales, to sexy scientists. And my personal favorite- just pure ass-kickers. Culling through 35 years of CBMs, I’ve sorted through (what felt like a hundred of these chicks) to come up with a sizable list of the 50 women that sent my heart aflutter.

50. Kat Dennings as DARCY LEWIS

It’s a shame the Thor movies don't take place somewhere like Hawaii, because we all know Kat Dennings has got it goin on. Nevertheless, she's an endearing geeky babe

49. Natalie Portman as EVEY HAMMOND

Dennings’ Thor co-star won’t quite make the list as Jane Foster, but her better role was that of the low-level network employee turned social activist in V for Vendetta. And yes, bald works for her.

48. Eva Mendes as ROXANNE SIMPSON

Nobody’s gonna buy that Eva Mendes would make a credible journalist. But eye candy in the otherwise forgettable Ghost Rider? Absolutely.

47. Sienna Miller as BARONESS

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra doesn’t have many redeeming qualities, but it does have a villainess who kind of steals the movie. The sequel could have used a little more Sienna Miller.

46. Amy Adams as LOIS LANE

Man of Steel takes the prize for having the most attractive Lois Lane in a Superman movie to date. But if Lois HAS to be a redhead, at least they picked one of the most beautiful redheads on the planet.

45. Jennifer Garner as ELEKTRA

Was she miscast in Daredevil and its tepid spin-off? Probably. But It’s hard to complain about a nit-pick like ethnicity when Garner is both stunning, and kicking major ass.

44. Famke Janssen as JEAN GREY

The former Bond villaness raises her profile as the X-Men’s leading lady. Famke is magnetic and alluring in this trilogy- even up to X3: The Last Stand, when she’s all back from the dead and scary.


Yes, Supergirl is one of the worst movies CBMs you’ll ever see. But Helen Slater was gorgeous for that time period. Gorgeous I tell you!

42. Mary Elizabeth Winstead as RAMONA FLOWERS

Like ‘em a little weird? Scott Pilgrim vs. The World assembled a great cast, but none of it works if you don’t get the pizza girl right. The multi-colored mops of Scott’Pilgrim’s crush had me going ga-ga

41. Jennifer Connelly as BETTY ROSS

If I had to choose a Betty between the two Hulk movies, I’m gonna take Connelly every time. Doesn’t hurt that there are hearts in my eyes whenever I see her in anything.

40. Kim Basinger as VICKY VALE

Basinger has an ethereal beauty that kind of stands out among the gothic world of Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster. She’s the third reporter on our list, but the only one hot enough to make Batman and Joker fight over her


Ok, raise your hand if you kinda had a thing for Marty’s mom in Back to the Future. Well, Lea is even cuter in Howard the Duck, and a sick part of me was intrigued by the creepy romance

38. Gweneth Paltrow as PEPPER POTTS

Pepper is probably my favorite female character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Paltrow is all class in the Iron Man movies, and that in and of itself is hot to me. For an older chick, yea, I’m down with this.

37. Diane Lane as JUDGE HERSHEY

Speaking of older women, is there a hotter milf than Diane Lane? She’s maybe too old as Martha Kent, but her earlier CBM appearance in Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd will do just fine.

36. Olivia Thirlby as ANDERSON

While I’m on a roll, let me segue again to the other (read: better) Judge Dredd movie, to give a shout out to Dredd 3D’s mvp- the rookie cop Judge Anderson, played awesomely by the super-cutie from Juno

35. Emma Stone as GWEN STACY

If The Amazing Spider-Man gave us anything, it gave us probably the ultimate girl-next door in Emma Stone* I mean Gwen Stacy* I mean* sorry… I’m in love.

34. Kelly Hu as DEATHSTRIKE

X2- Xmen United didn’t do much with Lady Deathstrike, and you’re gonna see better henchgirls further down the list, but all of this has absolutely nothing to do with how delicious Kelly Hu is.

33. Catherine Zeta-Jones as SALA

Everybody forgets about The Phantom. It starred the original Buffy, and this crazy unknown femme fatale who was crazy hot, and only got more famous, more crazy and more hot as the years went by.

32. Alicia Silverstone as BATGIRL

When Batman & Robin announced Batgirl was going to be the chick from Clueless, my first reaction was, “No! She’s too hot!” True story. You have to understand, in the 90s Silverstone was the IT girl. And 14-year-old me was crushing hard. Yes, I’m embarrassed.

31. Hayley Atwell as PEGGY CARTER

When Peggy Carter hits the scene in Captain America: The First Avenger, my jaw basically dropped. Drop dead gorgeous, and British to boot (I’m a sucker for those accents) Peggy is an MCU babe we all want to see more of.

30. Jaimie Alexander as LADY SIF

“Who is THAT??” Seemed to be the collective response to Thor’s first lady of fighting in that popular Phase 1 movie. Jamie Alexander turned heads almost immediately, and now she’s on the top of most hot lists.

29. Zoe Saldana as AISHA

The Losers mostly came and went without much attention, but there was a reason a lot of the marketing centered on highlighting Zoe Saldana showing off her, um…assets.

28. Rosario Dawson as GAIL

Dawson made a couple other CBM appearances if you want to count Men in Black II and Josie and the Pussycats (of which Tara Reid narrowly missed the list), but Gail, the bad girl with some bad girls in Sin City will make you drool.

27. Scarlett Johansson as SILKEN FLOSS

Cut from the same cloth as Sin City, The Spirit was a less successful endeavor from Frank Miller. But we still got to oogle Scar-Jo as this evil femme fatale before she got a much better CBM role…

26. Malin Akerman as SILK SPECTRE II

Oh, man! I have my issues with Watchmen- and Malin’s Laurie Jupiter especially. But there’s no denying how easy she was on the eyes. Without a doubt one of the hotter straight up superhero women in CBMs.

25. Jaime King as GOLDIE/WENDY

Dual CBM movies is one thing (she also appears in The Spirit), but dual roles within the same CBM? Sin City already had babes coming out the wazoo. Twice the Jaime is always a good thing

24. Megan Fox as LILAH

It’s hard to argue just how fine Megan Fox is- even if it’s easy to argue about the terribleness of just about everything else. Like her gun-totting prostitute in Jonah Hex. Just stand there and look pretty, thanks.

23. Dania Ramierez as CALLISTO

What’s funny about this is Calisto is supposed to be a kind of butch, tomboy-ish renegade leader. What does X3: The Last Stand do? Find the hottest chick imaginable and throw her in some leather. I’m not complaining.

22. January Jones as EMMA FROST

Talk about eye candy. Part of me suspects Jones got the part in X-Men First Class simply based on how good she looked in her underwear. And if candy is the comparison, when she turned into diamond, it reminded me of sweet, sweet poprocks. Yummy

21. Antje Traue as FAORA-UL

This is one of the nastiest babes to come along in some time. And I mean that in an awesome way. Traue’s eyes do all the talking in Man of Steel, and they are hypnotic. So I think we all want to see what’s goin on under that suit!

20. Rebecca Romaijn as Mystique

I don’t normally go for the blue thing, and scales should be pretty gross. But Rebecca Romaijn has made it work for the X-Men trilogy. She’s also appropriately dangerous. This one’s all body. Mmm!

19. Halle Berry as PATIENCE PHILLIPS

The less said about Catwoman, the better. But I’d be remiss to omit a character sold as smoking hot by design.

18. Adrianne Palicki as JAYE

Unlike Baroness, who actually debuted in the GI Joe comics, Lady Jaye was a toy first, so this feels a bit like a cheat. Until I see Palicki in that red dress...Sorry… what was I talking about?

17. Eva Mendes as SAND SAREF

Ah, this is more like it, for Eva Mendes. The Spirit capitalizes on those good looks by letting Mendes play a shady man-eater, and frankly, it’s understandable to fall for a woman like this.

16. Lena Headey as QUEEN GORGO

Confession: I will watch Lena Heady do anything. It’s why I watched The Purge. Think I’ll stick with 300 though, where she gets to be majestic and authoritative. (Brief nudity doesn’t hurt, either)

15. Anne Hathaway as SELENA KYLE

I’m one of the few who was thrilled with The Dark Knight Rises Hathaway announcement (I saw how sultry she could be in Get Smart). But I never imagined she would give one of the sexiest performances ever in a CBM. That walk!

14. Jennifer Connolly as JENNY

Gonna go with a classic, traditional pick for 14. The Rocketeer may be one of the most underrated CBMs today, but give it another watch. You may fall in love with the indescribably stunning Connolly when she was young.

13. Carla Gugino as LUCILLE

Admit it. We all want Carla Gugino to be our shrink. Our hot, topless shrink. Have I mentioned I love Sin City? Arguably the queen of milfs, Gugino gets even more CBM screen time as the first Silk Spectre in Watchmen.

12. Blake Lively as CAROL FERRIS

As an actress sharing top billing with the lead, Blake Lively doesn’t do much for all the screentime she has in Green Lantern. But she’s one of the finest chicks in the game right now, so here she sits.

Ain’t cha gonna frisk me?”

The ultimate femme fatale. What’s better than this:
Dick Tracy: No grief for Lips?
Breathless: I'm wearing black underwear.
Dick Tracy: You know, it's legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights.
Breathless: I sweat a lot better in the dark.

Wow! ‘nuff said.

“A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it…”
10. Michelle Pfeiffer as CATWOMAN

Hold on, just found this. Here are the rules: All Top 10 Comic Book Hotties must include Michelle Pfeiffer’s take on Catwoman in Batman Returns. The End. Okay! Good to know. Also, agreed. Hot damn!

9. Scarlett Johansson as NATASHA ROMANOFF

I think right next to Pfeiffer has got to be Johansson who KILLS IT as Black Widow in the Marvel movies. I am partial to the longer hair of Iron Man 2 (and her overall sexier role) than the shorter ‘do in The Avengers, but whateves. Those lips!

"Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?”
8. Nicole Kidman as DR. CHASE MERIDIAN

Unfathomably good-looking, and jonesin for the caped crusader, Kidman somehow always managed to keep perfect hair- even under those satin sheets. Batman Forever’s Chase Meridian is the hottest woman to appear in a Batman film.

7. Jessica Alba as the INVISIBLE WOMAN

More hot doctors! For the Fantastic Four’s bright scientist, Sue Storm, Jessica Alba might be the biggest miscast in the history of miscasts, but the blue skin suit almost makes up for it. Almost.

6. Jessica Biel as ABIGAIL WHISTLER

The drop-dead gorgeous Biel was the inspiration for this entire list, actually, as I was watching Blade Trinity the other day (don’t ask). Ripped to hell, and tearing up vamps, the movie has its flaws, but she is the apex kick-ass hottie.

5. Angelina Jolie as FOX

If Jolie is going to be on one of these lists, you better believe she’ll be a Top 5-er. A major departure from her comic inspiration, but the one of the hottest women on earth is also Wanted’s biggest draw.

4. Cameron Diaz as TINA CARLYLE

This is straight from the script of The Mask:
CAMERA does a classic CHEESECAKE TILT-UP starting with the
woman's million dollar legs as she squeezes some of the water out of her
skirt... up past her body, which through her damp summer clothes
is undeniable proof that there is a God... up... up... to her
face as that newspaper is tossed aside. She's a heart-stopping woman/child
with a Cupid's bow mouth and ice blue eyes. In other words she's trouble.
Big trouble, also known as TINA CARLYLE.

3. Halle Berry as STORM

Let’s see: FHM’s #1 Sexiest Woman in the World, People Magazine’s #1 Most Beautiful Person in the World, Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Men’s Health, Empire, and more. Yea, for X-Men's power player, I think that about covers it.

2. Megan Fox as APRIL O’NIEL

I know Ninja Turtles is not out yet, but that’s not going to have any bearing on the fact that Megan Fox will be the hottest April O’Niel we’ve ever seen (Sorry Paige Turco). And by association, perhaps the hottest comic character ever.

“Skinny little Nancy Callahan. She grew up. She filled out.”
1. Jessica Alba as NANCY CALLAHAN

…but until then, my #1 spot goes to Jessica Alba’s ass-less chaps, and gyrating hips. Not sure any of the other babes on this countdown can compete with all this pole-dancing. Sin City’s stripper with a heart of gold is the hottest comic book character there is.

Come on, ya gotta agree! Did I miss anyone? Like Lori Petty's Tank Girl? Or Rogue? (Lol) Who would you totally take out? Have we seen a babe in a CBM that can top Alba's lasso skills? And which ladies are you looking forward to next year? Let me know, and thanks for reading!

(Rogue, lol...)
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