Comic Book Jerk's 31 Best Fan Films

Comic Book Jerk's 31 Best Fan Films

Check out 31 of my favorite fan films!

Over the years there has been some really great fan films, but recently Marvel/Disney has been taking it out on the creators by removing some great fan films such as the amazing Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness fan film or The Dead Can’t Be Distracted . So I thought I would take a moment to talk about my top 10 favorite fan films, now mind you, the order always seems to change as the years go by and more and more people produce some of the best low budget or no budget fan films dedicated to comics greatest heroes. So here is my list of over 30 of my favorite fan films.


As a Dick Grasyon fan this was one of my fan favorite characters, in this Trailer we really get a chance to see what Batman's sidekick would do if something was to happen to Batman. It is fan trailers like this that truly make you wish for a full legnth feature film.

2.Batman: Dead End

Batman: Dead End came as a shock to fans, in this amazing fan Film Batman goes up against an unlikely foe and even better is the surprise ending.

3.Spiderman: The Green Goblin's Last Stand

This fan film was reportedly made in the 90's and although it isn't the prettiest Fan Film I would have loved to see this when I was when I was young enough to wear my Spider-man Pajamas. It is actually really well done for its time and would have made a great TV series, much better than the 70's.

4.Batman vs. Killer Croc and Poison Ivy

Bat in the Sun Production's Batman work is absolutely legendary and I am sure they have made the list more than once, but this fan film stood out all for the simple fact I love Nightwing and it was nice seeing the ending pan out the way it did.

5. Batman City of Scars

Yet again, Bat In the Sun pulls off what I not only think is the coolest Batman cowl but also captures the dark knight how he should be, it is almost like a graphic novel coming to life.

6.The Punisher: Dirty Laundary

This was an absolute surprise when I first seen it, it was so awesome seeing who I consider would of the coolest Punisher, Thomas Jane. Out of no where we got an unofficial sequel to The Punisher and this one fan film completely made up for the time that Marvel wasted with The Punisher War Zone.

7.LOBO ParaMilitary Christmas Special

One Christmas I was invited to watch one of Dc's biggest bad asses, Lobo was so close to perfect in this fan film it is a shame we never seen more of this character. Perhaps one day we will get a decent full length Lobo film.

8.Batman Arkham Asylum Fan Film

The reason this fan film made the list is because it happens to be the most bizarre Batman fan film that I have ever seen, although it isn't in English give this short a try, in fact to me it is a masterpiece of film making and gives you one scary Batman.

9.The Dark Knight Legacy

To me this fan film was some what of a tease, I loved the costume but after watching it it was yet another fan film that leaves you wanting more, the only thing that could have made this Jason Todd fan film any better is if Jensen Ackles was the one under the helmet at the end.


Kingdom Come was one of my favorite stories, and even though the costumes of this fan film are not the most impressive, but I have to give props to anyone trying to attempt to turn this story into a fan film, the best scene in my opinion is seeing Clark on the farm lifting the tracker as Wonder Woman tries to talk him into coming back as Superman.

11.Batman: Puppet Master

When I first heard about this fan film I thought for sure I was going to see Batman meets Puppet Master, I was excited that maybe someone combined the two, but I wasn't disappointed that it was just about the Riddler calling the shots and even cooler was seeing The Ventriloquist.

12.Captain Planet

I absolutely could not believe this trailer, it captures the kids from Captain planet 10 years later and I couldn't believe how much heart and spirit they captured in this short, even though Captain Planet doesn't look the coolest its the simple way the characters are handled that really make this fan film great.


I actually got a chance to speak to the guys who created this fan film, there was so much love and hate when this first came out due to the thought that lord Zedd may have killed a little girl, but this was a darker take on the Power Rangers that has led to a up an coming fan made web series featuring a more serious take, I get all excited every time I see this.

14.Judge Minty

I have to say a lot must have went into this fan film, because watching the full 27 minutes feels like I am watching a SyFy pictures original and to be honest I had more fun with this fan film than with Sylvester Stallone's failed attempt at Judge Dredd, it isn't quite as good as Karl Urban's Judge Dredd but it is definably great eye candy for any Dredd fans. SO well produced and beautiful shot if you see anything on the list please see this one

15.Hellblazer John Constantine

You can agree to disagree although I thought Keanu Reeves did great at Constantine, I believe this fan film hit the nail on the head when it comes to the attitude and the look from the comic book. It is a little boring but if you like Hellblazer and Constantine check this out

16. Resident Evil "The Nightmare Of Dante" Live action FANFILM

I have always been a Resident Evil fan, so when I started watching this I was completely stunned the twist and turns this fan film took, I love the look and feel and there is defiantly a surprise out there for any video game fan that took me by shock. This should go down as one word...Epic.

17.POKEMON Apokelypse

We have all grown up with Pokemon, but this fan film shows what happens when Ash grows up and no longer a kid anymore. I know it sounds silly but this fan film really sent chills down my spin, now if only we could get them to make more of these.

18.Sonic Fan Film

To be honest the visual effects of this fan film made me laugh, but I couldn't look away I had to see more, although after watching it several times I still don't understand and as soon as I seen sonic and he says “Way past cool” I literally laugh no matter how much I see it, but it is defiantly worth checking out even though they keep saying “Blue Blur” which makes me glad there was never any Smallville fan films.

19.Ace the BatHound

I randomly discovered this fan film one night and actually teared up, who would of thought that a story with Batman's dog would be so moving.

20.Legend of Zelda

We have probably all seen this April Fool's joke that weren't around that made everyone say “OMG we are going to get a Zelda film! Sadly this amazing piece of work never made it to a full length feature film and was only meant as a joke.

21.Street Fighter Legacy

I went though a huge Street Fighter phase and I waited forever for this to come out while it was in production and when it was released it didn't disappoint. Ken and Ryu look exactly how they should be and you have to love the atmosphere. I would loved to have seen this as a full film rather than that poor excuse for a film Steet Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li or the one from the 90's.

22.Green Hornet

Before Seth Rogan came a fan film that gave me higher hopes for green hornet that never really seemed to give us what we needed from the classic superhero, so if you didn't like what Seth Rogan did then check out the action in this fan film.

23.Batman Beyond Animated Fanfilm

I didn't get overly excited about this film until I stared actually watching the story and since it is one of the only fan films I can think of that I enjoy with Batman Beyond give it a shot and stay tuned for a part 2 later on this year.

24.Superman Classic: Bizzaro

25.Superman: Classic

Superman Classic made my list twice because it is unbelievable how great these animated shorts really are, they bring classic Superman out in a whole new light.

26.The City With Two faces Batman Vs Joker

It seems like you can never have enough fan films of batman, it is one of the most created fan films and with this film you get a glimpse of how dark it can be, you see the Bat taking on the Joker and left wondering will Batman make it out of this one alive?

27.Mega Man

This full length Mega Man fan film is one for the history books it is not often a fan film gives us an entire film.

28.Mega Man X

I couldn't help but add two Mega Man fan films this one to me had the best costume design.

29.Marvel Zombies Vs Army Of Darkness

The guys behind this fan film are pure geniuses, not only did they manage to piss off Marvel And Disney and have their film removed but they also made a statement that fan films are created for fans by fans and that the fan will unite whether it be twitter,facebook or any other social network. The writers and creators of this short film even told marvel they could have the film just let the fans see it, although it still hasn't officially appeared back on youtube a fan had posted it for the world to see.

I know didn't cover all the fan films, one I will talk about though is super hero beat downs by Bat in the Sun, no one can capture super heroes squaring off like they can the incredible match up they have had so far have been astonishing battles ranging from Superman Vs thor, Batman Vs Deadpool, Nightwing Vs Gambit, Gandalf Vs Darth Vader and even Scorpion vs the White Ranger. I have to say these are some of the best fan films that seem to just keep coming together with 10 episodes so far there showing no sign of slowing down. So I will leave you with my two favorite Super power Beat Down's

30.White Ranger Vs Scorpion

31. Batman Vs Deadpool

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