Comic Con Co-founder, Sheldon Dorf, Died Today

Comic Con Co-founder, Sheldon Dorf, Died Today

The founder of the San Diego Comic-Con passed away at age 76.

Sheldon Dorf, who co-founded the San Diego Comic Con has died of kidney failure at the age of 76.

From the Associated Press:

"Dorf, a freelance artist and comic strip letterer, founded Comic-Con in San Diego in 1970 after moving from Detroit."

Today, the convention draws 125,000 fans a year and is a major gathering for comic book fans, artists, writers and movie stars."

Dorf ran Detroit's "Triple Fan Fest," a convention dedicated to comics, science fiction and movies. There he met Ken Krueger, owner of Alert Books in Ocean Beach. Together with a band of teenage enthusiasts, they began planning something similar for the San Diego area.

This unpaid, ragtag group organized the first Golden State Comic Con, at the U.S. Grant Hotel, Aug. 1-3, 1970. Dorf walked away from Comic Con in the mid-1980s, as it was beginning to become the nation's foremost pop-culture extravaganza.

Today, Comic-Con is San Diego's largest convention, annually drawing 125,000 attendees.

Join me in saluting a god among the world of comic books and the sci-fi world. We thank him for creating the best convention on earth!
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