Comic Misconceptions: Lantern Corps Part 2 & Incredible Hulk Secrets

Comic Misconceptions: Lantern Corps Part 2 & Incredible Hulk Secrets

Wrapping up the last article about the Lantern Corps Oath, and then moving on for some incredible "Incredible Hulk" secrets

NOTE: I am not the guy in the video. That is our fearfulless leader Scott. I, Christuffer, for the time being will be managing our spreading across the interwebs to wonderful sites like this. Feel free to message me personally. Enjoy!

Lantern Corps Oath: Part 2

Incredible Secrets of the Incredible Hulk

Comic Misconceptions is a web show where Scott transfers some knowledge to your brains about things that people like yourselves may or may not be knowledgeable of. He discusses common misconceptions in the comic book world (see what I did there?). Is there anything more....INCREDIBLE, than comic book knowledge? Oh my, so much pun. I can't stop!

Do you have any requests? Anything you would like for Scott to enlighten you with?



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