ComicCritic87's weekly comic reviews

ComicCritic87's weekly comic reviews

ComicCritic87's weekly comic reviews

A week full of up and downs....mostly downs but check out my reviews of this weeks releases

Comic releases of 1/12/11

Hey all, Time for another weekly dose of comic reviews. So far 2011 is shaping up nicely. We are seeing a few events coming to an end, while some still have ripples amongst a few titles. I was super stunned with last weeks announcement of Axel Alonso is the new Editor in Chief of Marvel comics, what will this mean for the future of the 616 universe? We gotta wait and see what he brings to the table, Good Luck Mr. Alonso. With that, this weeks comics; some were good, some were ambiguous, and one was AWESOME!!!! lets begin shall we...

Comics: Amazing Spider-man #651, Batman & Robin #19, Chaos Wars: Dead Avengers #3, Heroes for Hire #2, and Superman #707

DC Comics

Batman & Robin #19

Abridged Story: Concluding the Absence arc, Dick and Damian track down Una and find her at Vicki Vales apartment. She has outsmarted the two and has filled the room with gas(even though they broke in a through a window). They awake and find themselves in a SAW situation. Absence tells them that she is gonna torture each Bat until Bruce gets the hint. They manage to make her divulge her true intentions. They break free from the machine and go on the offense. However Absence “kills” herself and falls out the window but they don't see her anywhere. Back at the Bat Bunker, Dick and Damian discuss what she really did and if it was worth it.

Review: Out of all the arcs, this is probably the hardest to follow, and the prior arc was surreal on a grand scale. It's hard not a hard read, but its all dialog and no real action. The new villain Absence, seems like a great idea but her execution seems a tad under developed. Damian is the best thing about this book, he is a riot to hear what he says to the villains twice his size and much older than him. The overall ending to it is vague, leaving you wanting more and a better ending.

Artwork: I mentioned last week of my take on DC's covers for January, They are uninspiring and feel dull. This cover has Batman & Robin running towards the reader and their logo is well played, The bat symbol with the yellow R in the middle is really clever. The artwork inside is done pretty well, again, even though I found a few flaws with some of the panels which make the story that much harder to follow.

Grade: Its not the worst arc, just a simple filler for the good stuff next month. A few plots I fell into without even trying. The cover blows and the art is standard. I give this a C+

Superman #707

Abridged Story: Superman is traveling through Des Moine, Iowa. He gets interrupted when a factory explodes. He rushes over and saves the day, he fixes the place back up and looks for answers. One man tells them the plant is causing problems for the townspeople and the local water supply. While the other admits that they bribed inspectors so they didn't have to update changes. Lois tries to convince Superman to side with her angle of getting the place shut down, but something makes him side with the town, and he gets angry with Lois. As he is left alone, he is greeted by a Super Squad.

Review: I can more or less see why the “Grounded” arc is getting mixed reception, The aliens hiding in a small town was really fun and clever, if they could do that each month til it ends, then it would be cool. This issue is an allegory to the gulf crisis, even though Brightest Day showed it and was much better at it's execution. Superman's search for what makes America, America seems like a futile effort. He helps and hurts. I kinda see where they were going with the whole idea, What if Superman was no longer relevant in our modern world, that would have been a compelling story to tell, but it's misfired and shot themselves in the foot. I hope they ditch the JMS story really soon and make Superman do what he does best.

Artwork: The cover is Superman flying at the reader.....lame. The artwork is actually the most impressive thing I like about the issue. I like the bright feel to it. Like its trying to be a happy title. The final page with the Super Squad and each unique costume design is pretty cool.

Grade: Another PSA issue that is insult my and our intelligence, lets hope they get off of grounded sooner than later. The artwork is nice and has some good panels but that's the only good things. I give this issue a C-

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-man #651

Abridged Story: Black Cat and Spider-man sneak into Fisk's building to find and destroy the missing piece of reverbium. Hobgoblin crashes the party and attacks Spider-man, using a higher pitched scream. Parker shows off the suits new abilities and fights off Hobgoblin and manages to destroy his sword. Meanwhile Black cat gets attacked by Fisk and his goon. She is about to get her limbs ripped off. Until, Hobgoblin screams at a pitch that causes the reverbium to react violently and causes the building to collapse. Parker saves Felicia and goes back to Horizon labs. We see him in his new apartment where he, Carlie, Aunt May, and her Husband go on a special dinner.

Review: I loved this issue and a great way of ending the first arc in this new era of Spider-man. This is a full on action issue, from beginning to end we see Spider-man taking on a new and powerful foe along with showing off the suits cool abilities. I loved the seamless changes of powers the suit has. Oh yet another wink and nod to something owned by Disney. Black Cat says Peter's outfit is like an ad for the new Tron movie. Last time it was Turn off the Dark and now Tron....I'm waiting for an Andrew Garfield one. We also get a set-up for the next arc involving the new Spider Slayer villain and an army of insects. Also this marks the end of Fisk the business man to Fisk the crime lord. The banter Hobgoblin gives off is funny, but he is no deadpool.

Artwork: The cover is pure action. In the center is Black Cat dodging the pumpkin bombs from Hobgoblin on the upper left, with Parker trying to fight him on the lower right. The fight scenes are a sight to behold and are super fun and fast paced. There is a hilarious face reaction to one of Fisk's henchmen, which is totally worth finding.

Grade: This is a great conclusion to an already great first arc. I loved the action and the dialogue during the fights, and the artwork is very stylish and fun. I give this issue an A-.

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3 of 3

Abridged Story: Captain Marvel is removed from existence while the other heroes flea the scene. Yellow Jacket and Deathcry run to a safe place, for now. Meanwhile Vision fights off Grim Reaper, but gets overpowered and beaten at first. Meanwhile Deathcry sees Eon, an entity that lived in Captain Marvel and bestows his power unto her, making her lifecry. She and Nekra fight one on one. The Druid's origins are explained and he gives one final stand also by making the sleeping heroes float and send them to the roof. Vision comes back and fights off Grim Reaper one last time and wins, sacrificing himself in the end as well. The issue concludes with Yellow Jacket remembering her chance at joining the Avengers but left because she was scared.

Review: Much like B&R this is an ambiguous ending and leaves you wanting more. The Dead Avengers as a concept is great, bring back heroes that deserve a second chance(Mar-vell deserves a huge comeback). Yet the story began great, it ends with a pseudo downer ending. Only a few make it out alive while two major fan favorites die. I don't know if this is considered a flaw, Captain Marvel is zapped from reality but Vision Is it because he is robotic?....I don't know but seems like an odd thing to me. The action seemed too fast, like they were rushing to finish this and not get out at least one more issue. I did find Yellow Jackets ending to be the most sad, you feel really bad for her, she was worried about living up to goals she herself doubted could ever do, but finally lived up to the challenge with her second chance. Don't expect a grand ending for everyone, it just leaves us hoping for more.

Artwork: The cover is brilliant. It has each of the Dead Avengers with half their face a skull, giving presence that they are....well....dead, but it shows they aren't afraid. The inner art is good as well but kinda standard in a few places, I liked the Eon entity with Marvels silhouette.

Grade: An odd ending to a pretty good but standard tie-in, better than most I say at least. The artwork is alright and the few action scenes in it are pretty well done. This issue gets a B-

Heroes for Hire #2

Abridged Story: Misty hires Silver Sable to track down gun smugglers, while Paladin searches a morgue where the police were gunned down by special bullets. Silver Sable finds the guns and gets ambushed and can barely dodge these strange bullets. Paladin gets the help from Satana they reveal the guns are fused with demonic power called Demonica. Silver Sable gets a hold of one of the Demonica and gets teleported to Miami. She gets aided by GHOST RIDER!!!! He comes in hell blazing and gets attacked by the demon bullets. He and Silver head off back to where ever they belong. Meanwhile Paladin searches Misty's headquarters and discovers something not right.

Review: AND THE SECOND ISSUE HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!! MAN I LOVE THIS ISSUE. I love that we get other heroes in this issue. Issue one had 3 heroes we know and this one has a completely 3 other kinds. Sable is crazy awesome even when she is clearly outclassed with demonic enhanced guns. Of course there's Ghost Rider who comes out of nowhere and just is awesome as ever. Paladin seems to be the much clever of the three and figures that Misty is acting different. The action is very awesome and just full of chaos and mayhem, pretty obvious when you are dealing with powers from beyond. I like how they implement lower tier heroes and giving them the spotlight they should get from time to time.

Artwork: This is some really great drawing style for this title. The look and feel of the characters is like Ross but not, if that makes sense. The characters look very well detailed in their body and facial expressions. Also the cover is PERFECT!!!! in every sense it is perfect. It tells us exactly what is happening in this issue. We have Ghost Rider on the top of the Cover looking awesome and Bad ass, with Silver Sable on the bottom prepare for a showdown. Yes Paladin is not in it but his part is too cool to be part of the cover, they focus on the bombastic part.

Grade: This sells the issue for me and of course, Ghost Rider. The action is awesome and off the wall fun. The artwork is nearly perfect in every way. This issue gets an A+

And that's all for this week, it was a kinda of a meh week, but it has two great issues and those are from Marvel. Next week seems to be full of smash hits. Catch you all then, ComicCritic87 OUT!!!!
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