COMICS: J.G. Jones to Provide Art for THE COMEDIAN Prequel Series

<b>COMICS:</b> J.G. Jones to Provide Art for THE COMEDIAN Prequel Series

The lads over at Bleeding Cool have seemingly confirmed that the artist will lend his talent for one of the prequel mini-series to the classic graphic novel Watchmen, featuring the sadistic vigilante The Comedian.

Recently, there have been a lot of reports regarding the prequel series to Watchmen, which is currently in development. One of them reported that the prequel series will consist of four mini-series, with several names being tied to them. Among the names reported was J.G. Jones, and Bleeding Cool has apparently confirmed that the artist will indeed be involved in one of the mini-series featuring The Comedian.

We’ve heard J.G. Jones linked to Watchmen prequel rumours before. We’ve had reports of Darwyn Cooke writing a prequel mini-series starring The Comedian. And now I’ve come across a rather reliable source that says J.G. Jones is drawing The Comedian. we have a Darwyn Cooke/J.G. Jones Comedian mini-series for next year? It appears we may.

Personally, I think J.G. Jones is one of the best artists on today's comic book industry, yet I still am not sure on this idea of Watchmen prequels. However, what do you think? As usual, share your thoughts on the spot below.

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