COMICS: More From Jim Lee & Geoff Johns On The New Justice League

COMICS: More From Jim Lee & Geoff Johns On The New <i>Justice League</i>

The duo discuss the decision to go back and come up with a brand new origin for DC's most famous team of super heroes, and also address the concerns from the fans that don't think any of this is a very good idea..

We have already heard a few snippets from Lee and Johns about the decision to go back and essentially reboot(although they aren't calling it that officially) many of DC's heavy hitter by coming with brand new origin stories for The Justice League. Now, speaking to Hero Complex the two go into some more detail..

Jim Lee on the "unprecedented" decision to reinvent the League..

“It’s not just renumbering all of these books, but it’s also about going systematically through the entire DC universe and sort of reenergizing and reimagining a lot of the stuff that sort of formed these characters, the back stories. We’re talking about ‘Justice League,’ but there’s never been a really awesome origin for the Justice League. … To me, it’s a prime example of something that we can go in and maybe add something to the lore and add a really kickass contemporary story that feels modern and really shows why these characters need to be together, because this is a such a diverse group of heroes.”

Geoff Johns on going back to examine the characters' relationships..

“Our first arc actually is the origin of the team, so it takes place in the past, and the next arc will take place in the present. One thing I was really interested in was how do these guys really get along? Like Green Lantern when he first meets Batman, he’s like, ‘So what are your powers?’ Because you’d assume if this guy is dressed up like a bat fighting bad guys, that he can’t be crazy, that he’s got to have powers. And so Jim and I talked a lot about what their first opinion would be of each other. Like if Green Lantern’s on Earth to patrol to search for extraterrestrial trouble, what’s he think of Superman?”

“One of the lines I used in my script is, ‘They’re not gods, they’re the Justice League. So what are the people like behind the masks, and how do they interact. Really the three words I use for what we’re trying to do are heart, humor and heroics.”

And what of the fan backlash that is bound to rear up? We have already had many here on CBM bash the decision to come up with this DCnU..

“I remember when I wrote ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth,’ which brought Hal Jordan back, and people were really unhappy, and the hardcore fans were like, ‘You can’t do that,’ and we did it anyway,” Johns said. “I think if you do it with care … [and stay] true to the emotional ideals and the morality ideals that are in the heroes, that’s the goal. … Let’s try and capture the essence of what these characters can be, show how they could interact. Make it just a little bit different and unexpected. It’s an exciting time.”


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