COMICS & POLITICS: Kiss Bassist Gene Simmons Talks Marvel Comics and Endorses Mitt Romney

COMICS & POLITICS: <em>Kiss</em> Bassist Gene Simmons Talks Marvel Comics and Endorses Mitt Romney

CBM got a chance to meet Gene Simmons at the Sundance Film Festival after he did an interview with the legendary Stan Lee. He had some deep thoughts to share about comic books and thinks Mitt Romney is the guy to beat President Obama.

After a controversial Ron Paul article got our users talking politics, I couldn't help myself from fanning the flames by posting this interview with the demonic bassist and "Family Jewels" star Gene Simmons. A lot of people don't realize how much he is into comic books. But first, his endorsement of Mitt...

We just thought that after nailbiter's heartfelt endorsement of Ron Paul, we'd bring a little unbiased balance back to CBM. Any Gingrich or Santorum supporters can do the same as long as there is a comic book connection somewhere. Speaking of which, before our regular whiners complain, "This has nothing to do with comics or CBMS!" Here is the connection Gene Simmons has with Marvel comics (see Kiss Comics cover pic).

Apart from that, the guy has been a comics reader all his life and has amazing knowledge of the genre. Gene was there promoting Ortsbo at Sundance, a streaming translator app, and brought Stan Lee with him to talk comics--which was what made us go to the event in the first place, hoping to talk to "the man". Unfortunately, Stan wasn't doing interviews, but we got to sit down with Gene, and it was almost as awesome. The guy really knows his stuff. Listen to him wax eloquent in the below clip:

If you are interested in seeing his long interview with Stan, CLICK HERE.

Nate Update! I thought you guys would get a kick out of this picture of Jim and I with Gene Simmons (after our interview). Special thanks to Bryan at 8747 Productions for snapping it (!

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